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A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Scriptures

Published on 4/22/2018
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The Female MUST submit to the Male Part 2 

A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Scriptures

Based on the post that I shared previously, I got a question from Richard. He basically wanted to know from his email that, I said "that whenever I interpret a Bible scripture literally, it doesn't make any sense to me." Richard also added, is it possible for me to give an example or maybe two examples of how of a particular scripture that doesn't make sense when  interpreted literally, and then give the metaphysical interpretation and how it makes sense that way. 
Sure we could do that. This may go a bit longer than usual!
Let's start with when I was a child maybe five or six years old. I was going to Sunday school and I remember the Sunday school teacher she was reading the Ten Commandments and one of the commandments was "thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain" and it went on to say if you took the Lord's name in vain then the Lord will not find this person guiltless or this particular crime or sin could not be forgiven. 
And I remember when I heard that even as young as six years old I thought, man this God is just so "crazy" because here it is in his commandments, I can murder somebody be forgiven. I could rape somebody, be forgiven. I can do all manner of evil and be forgiven but if I accidentally say "O Lord" and did a mean it, all of a sudden that cannot be forgiven and I'm gonna be punished which in this case will be burning in hell forever.
So that scripture never made sense to me, but when I questioned a Sunday school teacher about it, she said that's exactly what it meant and I just went along with a brainwashing because that's was a thing to do. My mom went to the church and she believed what they were telling her and she was given ten percent of the money to somebody who believed what he was telling her. So we went along with that program like everyone else and I never questioned it. I just went to Sunday school as I was told.
Later I'm reading the Bible for myself as I'm older, and I came across another scripture. In the scripture, and this was in a New Testament and it says "where two or gathered in my name or where two agree in my name the same shall be established in heaven." Now again that didn't make any sense because I'm looking at life and saying "okay, so if two people came together and they agree, yo' what's up? we're gonna go rob this liquor store." God is gonna part the way for them to go successfully rob this liquor store because they agree to his name. Or if two people, how many times you and your girlfriend got together, "tonight girl, it's the first of the year we're gonna go to the gym and we're gonna lose 50 pounds!" and you guys agree, and by February you're 40 pounds heavier collectively than you were at the beginning in January. Yet you agreed. You had your pride made in the name of Jesus. We're gonna lose this weight! So it didn't work. 
A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Scriptures 
So those two particular scriptures they're United in a way I'm going to show you. Though if you interpret them literally, it just doesn't really seem to make sense. It makes this "God" kind of crazy, kind of off his rocker and illogical. 
Now let's start with "where two agree in my name." The two, bear in mind that we're coming from biblical times where traditions were passed them orally and back then, people personified everything, everything was given a personification.The Sun was personified. The Moon the Stars the rivers were angels of water or bodies of waters everything was personified. So that where "two agree in my name", when the conscious mind the male aspect there agreed to something and the female aspect takes it on the subconscious mind and agrees. Once those two agree in is established in heaven and has to be established on earth.
Let me break that down even more. When the conscious mind, which is the male aspect of mind, which is a very minute part of us, and the subconscious of female, which is that much grander part of us, as a matter of fact, the female aspect of us, the female portion of mind, the divine feminine energy is so powerful that the powers that used to be, (That's what I like to address them as), they understood that if we got hold of this knowledge and really understand it, it will be impossible to enslave us! 
So the feminine energy all through the ages was always suppressed. That's why you find the Catholic Church was all male and women were not allowed to get in the church and they had no role and woman were supposed to play a subservient role. We had all these witch hunts and women were being burned at the stake and women were just being abused. Just in the 1920s or forties that woman had to start working for equal rights fighting for equal rights. Something that was just naturally ordained to them by God. Though the feminine energy is so creative and so powerful that once you understand it, you could never be enslaved.
So they suppress that energy. They suppress the feminine energy and everything was about the male. The male
ego. Male was empowered. Male dominated and the feminine energy the energy that was there to free us and really emancipate us from everything that we're dealing with in this physical world. It was suppressed and kept quiet and abused.
Now getting back to where two or more  agree: so the male energy, the conscious mind, is very logical and the logical mind looks around and goes "oh my god, you know we're behind on the bills I'm not making enough money."  I'm using a negative example because I'm going to give you the positive example in a minute.The negative example is how we use "the where two or more agree" every day in our lives and not realizing it and not realize what we establish here on earth and how we do it.
So I'm going teach you exactly how you establish what you're establishing so the conscious mind, the logical mind, the male mind looks around and goes " oh my god,  I AM  broke". That's the key, going back to the commandment " if you use my name in vain that cannot be good forgiven. Now you ask most people, what is the name of  God? They will go- Jesus, it's Jehovah, it's Allah and they have all his different names. Though when Moses was getting the instructions on the Mount and in the burning bush Moses was which was God and he
asked God what is your name and God replied I AM ".
I am, he went further to say to Moses when you speak to the children of Israel tell them that I am sent you.So the name of God is I am and when you take that name in vain, it cannot be forgiven. 
Now coming back to where the two agree, the conscious mind looks around and sees: I am, just took the
name of God, broke and in vain means attachment to something that you do not want so he just took the name of God, I am broke and took it into the subconscious mind, go to sleep with that feeling that I am broke and when he goes to sleep in that feeling, because the subconscious mind is a feminine energy and she's only impressed by emotions, the female is emotional so when you take that emotional state, I am broke and you go at night and lay with the female she becomes impressed with the idea that "I am broke" and now that idea, because she's impressed with it, has to be expressed in the world. So the two, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind agreed and once they agreed, and gets established and now has to be expressed.
It's that simple, the scripture is very simple. 
Now all the things that happen when the conscious mind goes to the female mind, the subconscious, and the
subconscious that is impressed with the idea, she becomes pregnant, impregnated with the idea that I am broke. Now what happens when someone is pregnant? They're expecting a baby.
The first thing you do, is you go around  and you get pampers, you paint your room, you get the car seat that you're going to need to bring the baby home from from the hospital. You start preparing for this baby.
The exact same thing happens when the conscious mind goes, I am broke, and the female kicks it on and agrees that, yeah I am broke because again, the female is very submissive, she doesn't question the male. She's not going to look around and say "well wait a minute, we're not really broke because we live in a universe of abundance and God has provided us with everything that we need and we just need to look. She doesn't do
that. Whatever the male says, she's submissive and she submits to the idea of the male, the conscious mind, and she takes it on, becomes impregnated and now she's pregnant and we're expecting this idea of being broke, so once she takes it on,  when you wake up the next morning, you start saying, "oh we're not gonna pay the rent", so you start calling your boy, " listen dude, rent  is going to be late this month, can I borrow $200? can I borrow $50? and you start preparing for this "broke-ness" that's coming. You start talking like- we gotta turn the lights off we, gotta cut back on these bills, we gotta watch this we got to cut back. You're preparing for this thing that giving birth to, because it's established in heaven and once you sayam  ,and the name of God that is,and you take that on, it cannot be forgiven. You spoke it you attached the name of God to it in vain, something that you didn't want ,it has to be established.
Now you could speak something new into existence, but this thing that you spoke, and the two agree, the conscious and the subconscious agreed, has to manifest. So that's what it means about not taking the name of the Lord in vain and where two people agree it's just a conscious mind and the subconscious mind agreeing and you bring something forth.
A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Scriptures 
Now let me show you how you can use that same energy in a positive manner. 
The male aspect of the mind is very logical, so the male looks around and goes " we're behind on the bills, we're doing this, we're going to be broke, we're broke". However, if the male has been spending enough time with the female in the subconscious mind, he will realize that the female is completely illogical and irrational.
That's what we hear about women," oh they're illogical irrational" but I'm talking about that aspect of mind) The female, even though everything with the male is looking like "oh my God we're broke" if the male takes on and realized some of the aspects of the female, the kind of mind the subconscious mind, I said "you know what? I don't care what circumstances showing me. I am wealthy! I am from a divine God I am blessed and I'm highly favored! I am wealthy" and he emotionalized that thought and takes it to bed to the female, she becomes impressed with an idea. Again she doesn't question the male. It doesn't matter if it looks like all hell is breaking loose out here in the external world. If he says and emotionally, because she's only impressed with emotions, if he emotionally feel that and believe that, she gets impressed with the idea and then she gets pregnant with the idea. So now if you believe that I am wealthy you start preparing.  You're not making the call to tell anyone "I'm gonna be broke" You start preparing for your abundance. You start walking around in joy again. That's why the scripture says "enter into my gates with Thanksgiving and praise". It's not that God is so  egotistical he expects us to just say "oh god I praise your God, praise Him"
No, No, No, No!
When you enter into the court, the subconscious mind with Thanksgiving and praise, she is impressed with that and she impresses upon the world or expresses into the world all the things for you to be thankful and praise all
Whatever you take to the female mind, she's gonna give you more off so if you're coming in here with oh my god we're broke, we're scared, and you enter into the court with that type of fear and that type of passive energy then she's gonna get impressed with that and express some more things for you to be fearful more things for you to be frightened about. so you want to enter into that subconscious state with Thanksgiving and praise you want to make a joyful noise unto the Lord for all of you and so this is the metaphysical meaning of the scripture. It's not about some egotistical God that's sitting on a throne waiting to punish you but it's about understanding how creation is manifested in how things are made. Again rattling about a female mind, that she is illogical, and if you come in and things aren't working out here, you're looking "broke" so to speak but the conscious mind comes in and said "no, I'm not accepting that! I am rich I'm blessed I'm highly favored" and goes to the female mind, again being illogical, this is where she brings forth or calls for those things that be not as if they are
There's a scripture that says the things that are seen or made from things that are unseen so from the unseen. She's able to pull whatever you need and and manifest it. So it's all about your state of mind. Your consciousness. So there's no need,when you understand the scripture from a metaphysical level, there's no need to fear God. You'll find that God indeed is a very loving God and it gives the father's great pleasure to give you the kingdom. Though if we don't understand it, we run around in fare and we run around in lack. So hopefully Richard this has been helpful and I will talk to you soon.
A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Scriptures 

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