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Hosting Your Domain
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Hosting Your Domain
When it comes to owning a domain online there are a multitude of services that provide Domain Name Registration, shopping around to find the best deal is well advisable.(you can find some great deals out there)
Yet Buyer Beware.. Because it's one thing to own a Domain Name yet another to make it avaliable on the World Wide Web.
Next step is to find a reliable Hosting Service
Just because you bought a domain at one site surely doesnt mean you have to buy into their
hosting service... its easily done and especially for new online marketers who can be charged way too much for the hosting service and exactly what they provide for that hosting.
Always look into what the host provides and definatley find one with a c-panel function such as fantastico that allows your domain to integrate with other web platforms quickly and simply.
Now when it comes to a hosting provider how do you know just what kind of support your going to get! some advertise with misleading results to your personal expectations so be wary. I have personally encountered this.

I once was a fan of Vodahost but there response to query is slow and unfriendly with no personal or online direct contact available only a messaging system with no clear resolution ever to me the user.
GoDaddy is another one I dislike they have some great domain pricing, but the hosting service doesnt really cater for newbies,sure you can contact them but its full of tech info I just didnt understand,quite unfriendly. (rather arrogant)
Now I use and prefer (and refer) one hosting service which is Hostgator these guys pride themselves on customer service yet also provide a great hosting platform at great rates.
I can call them anytime and have someone walk me through the solution to my problem (and I am calling the US from NZ) or I can live chat online and achieve same... i'm elated with the service level for a non techo like me...all I want is my problem resolved and its done within minutes.

Is this a sales letter NO!
its an awarenes to those who read.
And if you dont know Hostgator and you want to take a look
go here:

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