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The Google Influence and Blog Networks
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The biggest headline story this week has to be the Google influence once again and the deindexing of certain blog networks.
Thousands have been affected by Google either partially or completely removing entire blog networks. When Google removes a website from its index, any outgoing links automatically become null and void. Also, it doesn't look very good if a big portion of your links come from services that Google dislikes.

Where are yor blogs posted? And what is a blog network?
In case you aren't aware what a blog network is, allow me to quickly explain. Blog networks allow you to publish blog posts (articles you read) on different websites that are linked into some form of automatic content distribution system.
Blog networks come in a lot of varieties, but the real real underlying similarities is that they are a system for generating backlinks by submitting content. Public blog networks consist of blog owners putting their sites in the network to receive free content. Private blog networks are slightly different, because the administrators of the network actually own the sites to which writers publish their content.
There are some big casualties so far of Google's push against blog networks and the Build My Rank service has suffered the change. BMR was a private blog network, and all the sites which made up the network have been deindexed by Google. Links generated through Build My Rank are now meaningless, and the service has been shut down to any new members.
More notable networks that have been affected include SEO Link Monster, Authority Link Network, and Linkvana.
You can search "blog networks deindexed" to see many discussions and results there

Blog networks being targeted by Google?
I see three principal reasons why Google has started to crackdown on blog networks, so let me run you through them:
1. Blog networks are a form of paid link building.
Googles policy on link building is firm and clear, especially the fact that "buying or selling” links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google's Webmaster Rules and can negatively impact a site's ranking in search results. The purpose of blog networks is to facilitate link building, and these links are most definitely paid for in a slightly less obvious manner.
2. Blog networks are a form of "link scheme". Paid linking, leaves no room for confusion. They are not a conventional form of link building, especially once blog networks developed the technology to allow you submit a spin-ready article to hundreds of different blogsites. No-one really submitted to blog networks just for the sake of getting content published it was always was about generating links. Blog networks offered their services on this basis of being a way to obtain unnaturally huge amounts of links quickly, and it was only a matter of time until Google saw this.
3. Articles submitted to blog networks tended to be of poor quality.
Many of the articles sumbitted to blog networks were of low quality content that were only written to entice backlinks. Google is King and you must submit content for the purpose of providing unique value to readers, not just to build links. If you want high search engine rankings then you need to focus on providing value first, and link building/SEO second.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket and rely on a single blog network as your main source of links.

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