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Lead Prosperity
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When you have lead prosperity you will have financial prosperity. You can have the best comp plan in the world. You may have the best product in years. You may be very impassioned by what you offer, but the bottom line is this: If you don't have any leads or prospect, you will fail.

You want have more leads than you have time. When this happens, it will allow you never to face rejection again. It will also place you in the position of being able to finally control your destiny by affording you the money to do what you want.

To get to this place of "Lead Property", you will need to do a few things:

1. Set up your system.
2. Pick up ONE TRAFFIC STRATEGY and get busy. Don't bit off more than you can chew.
3. Do not drive traffic to your website! Drive traffic to a capture page only!
4. Once you have settled on a strategy you have to be consistent with it.
Do Not get distracted! And DO NOT QUIT!
Your efforts will not be instant but will compound over time.

Just these few simple things will see you on the road to success. Once you have mastered the advertising strategy you choose, be it a free or paid one, master that one thing before taking on anything else. This is very important. Because you can loose your focus and start skipping from one thing to another and not get anywhere. Always remember that your efforts done over time will compound and give results.

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Tom+Rosanne McKinney   1400 day(s) ago
Very informative post.
Judy Dick   1400 day(s) ago
You're on the ball Valrie. Wow, when you mention 'do not quit' it resonated because so many do then wonder why they've not moved forward. Your strategies are perfect.

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