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Making a Difference
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Inspired by Johnny the Bagger

A few years ago, I was hired by a large
super market chain to lead a customer
service program to build customer loyalty.

During my speech i said, "Everyone of you
can make a difference and create
memories for your customers that will
motivate them to come back. How?

Put your personal signature on the job.

Think about something you can do
for your customer to make them
feel special a memory that will
make them come back.

About a month after I had spoken I received a call
from a nineteen year old bagger named Johnny

He proudly informed he was a Down Syndrome
individual and told me his story.

"I like what you talked about", he said,
but at first I didn't think I could do anything
special for our customers
After all I'm just a bagger,"

"Then I had an idea! Johnny said,
Everynite after work, I'd come home and fine
a thought for the day".

"If I can't find a saying I like" he said,
I just make one up."

When Johnny had a good "Thought for the Day,'
his dad help him set it up on the computer
and print multiple copies.

Johnny cut out each quote and
signed his name on the back
then he will bring them to work the next day

When I finish bagging someone groceries
I put my Thought for the Day in the bag and say
"Thanks For Shopping With Us,"

It touched me to think that this young man
with a job that most people would say isn't important
had made it important by creating precious
memories for all his customers.

A month later the store manager called me
"You won't beleive what happened, when I was making
my rounds today , I found Johnny's checkout line was
three times longer than anyone else's."

It went all the way the frozen food isles, so I
quickly announced we need more chashers get more
lanes open! as I tried to get people to change lanes
But no one would move.

They said, "no it's okay -we want tom be in Johnny's lane
we want his "Thought for the Day."
The store manager continued,
'it was a joy to watch Johnny delight the customers."

I got a lump in my throat when one woman said,
I used to shop at your store once a week but now
I come every time I go by because Iwant to get
Johnny's Thought for the Day.

A few months later the manager called me again saying
Johnny has transformed our store.
Now when the floral department has a broken flower
or unused corsage, they find an elderly
lady or a little girl and pin it on them.

Everyone's having a lot of fun creating memories
Our customers are talking about us..they're
coming back and bring their friends.

A wonderful spirit of service spread throughtout
the entire store..and all because Johnny
chose to make a difference.

Johnny's idea wasn't nearly as innovative as it was loving
It came from the heart-it was real. That's what
touched his customers, his peers
and those who read this story.

Great service comes from the heart.
Will you be a Johnny today.

Barbara Glanz.

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