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Want an alternative Facebook? I found a new upstart that looks pretty awesome! It is just getting started and needs members. It is designed by the people for the people. It is not controlled for corporate gain,like some sites we are familiar with. I would not drop FB yet but I would consider joining up with Zurker and seeing where it goes.

They are built on the premise of by members for members. So at this point they are offering free shares to help build membership. For each new user to sign up via your referral you will receive a share. Can you imagine having shares in Google or Facebook when they were just launching!

It cost nothing to join and a little emailing to get your friends to join the network to get shares for free. If it become huge well awesome for you to have the vision to join. If it doesn't take, what have you lost really?

I for one embrace opportunity in many forms. Hope you check it out.

Anyway here is my link:

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