posted on: 2/20/2012 2:54:00 PM EST
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I am pretty, no actually really, really stoked. Just came back from a weekend in Vancouver, BC.. We were, my wife and I, at a ViSalus Regional Event with over 1000 other people. The atmosphere at the event was electrofying. It was exciting to here all the statistics, meet some of the top performers in the company today. one of the companies founders and a whole swack of excited promoters.

There were lots of tips on how to get this thing done. Plenty of stories about why you would want to get this thing done. I came out of there knowing I want to get it done and that I am going to get this done.

The founder that was there Nick Sarnicola, came out and told us some interesting facts. We are the number one health challenge on the planet right now bar none, and that we will continue to be the number one challenge. We have the largest prize pool at 25 millions dollars a year given away in free products, prizes and trips just for joining the challenge. We give away more money than most companies make in a year. We have the best compensation plan out there, this is proven by the sheer number of people making good money at every level of the business. We are making history, we will be the only company in the history of direct selling to do 1 billion dollars in sales in North America only. Lots of direct selling companies do 1 billion in sales, but they need to be global to do it.We are have experienced double-digit growth every month, with the exception being the both Decembers, since the challenge started 24 month ago. 3000% increase, unheard of. We have help people lose over 10 million pounds so far. We are just getting started.

While I was at the event watching my mother get recognized for qualifying for her BMW my brother text me to tell me he just qualified for his FREE BMW! My other brother, just got started text me to say he was signing up some new partners and was already halfway to his BWM. As a result of helping my family and a couple of others get their FREE BMW’s I was recognized and a level above in the business. Exciting stuff. This month is not over yet, I am sure that there is going to be at least more 2 more BMW’s awarded. This opportunity is incredible, and I am so stoked to be apart of it.

If you live in North America and would like to know more about this drop me a message and I will be happy to share the information with you.

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Glen McDonald   1124 day(s) ago
It was an interesting time, sadly that opportunity started to drop off faster than it was building. And the corporation decided to fix the problem by throwing more of same at it. Showed lack of ingenuity to me. So I have focused my efforts on the Beachbody business model in the last month and I glad I did.
Brandon J Urquhart I   1124 day(s) ago
Interesting post/press release Glen!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!
Ron Barnas   1448 day(s) ago
Hey Glen, Visalus is indeed a growing company with products that really work! To your success..
Rob Buser   1448 day(s) ago
Hi there USA, May I be so free to direct you to -pottentially bigger than facebook, ebay and clickbank all together. You are trully one off the first earn 20% commission ride away of your paying network while being a free member yourself!!! I just met the ownr and 1 off the founders myself and they are having huge plans. Please tell America Rob Buser 003121165668 the Netherlands

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