Join Motor Club of America!!!

About MCA:

MCA stands fro Motor Club of America (I'm going to be real straight forward, NO MCA IS NOT A SCAM!) LOL. Yes I get paid from it weekly & Yes you must be living in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico to become a member. Sorry, No exceptions.

To become a member it's anywhere from $19.90 - $39.90.
I would recommend the $39.90 total security member package because it pays the sponsor $80.

The $19.90 pays the sponsor $40 instead. That's why many people only push the $39.90 package (Because they want the highest payout).

Now that I cleared that up,
It's a company that offers many benefits such as roadside assistance, Unlimited Towing up to 100 miles, Flat Tire Changes, Hospital Benefits, Medical Coverage, Discounts on prescriptions, Lawyer & Jail bonds, Car rentals, & over $150,000 of other benefits that people can use & enjoy.

Now here's the income part :-D

MCA pays their members $80-$90 for each new member they refer.
Each MCA member has their own website referral link so they can give out to people so they can sign up.

For example if I had a friend name Mary Smith, I would tell her about the benefits of MCA & the opportunity to earn $ from the company.
If Mary finds this interesting and decides to join I would give her MY direct MCA website link so that she can sign up:
https://www.tvcmatrix.com/Virgo89 )

She would then go on the site & register then use her credit/debit card to pay $39.90 to become a member.
When that happens Mary immediately gets access to her own tvcmatrix website link so that she can also refer people & spread the opportunity (promote it).

When she signs up I would also get an email from MCA saying
"Congratulations On The Sale Of An MCA Motor Club Total Security Package to Mary Smith".

MCA pays out weekly. (Every Friday) depending on how many sales you make during the week.

So let's say Mary makes 5 sales in a week (Which is pretty easy to do for most ppl)
Mary would get paid $400 directly deposited to her bank account on Friday.
($80 x 5 = $400)

If She makes 10 sales in a week, that's 10x80=$800.

& It goes on and on. (There's no limits).

Mary also gets paid each time someone who she referred makes a sale.
So if John signs up under Mary, Mary makes $6 for each sale John makes.
(It's called overrides)

If this makes perfect sense to you or if you have ANY questions or concerns be sure to contact me. (All you would have to do is promote the opportunity on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). You can also do offline marketing.

(I will train you on how to approach and close sales if you need help)

To become a member for $19.90 click link https://www.tvcmatrix.com/Virgo89then on the right side of the screen choose "Additional MCA product". Then under MCA Security $9.95 Just add to cart & checkout.

(Prepaid cards don't process as fast as bank cards but they're fine.)

To make sure you're on my team & receive training.. Or For more information regarding MCA, visit http://mcaextreme.com/?a=6307 or look on Youtube at our videos to see proof people are making money with MCA each day.

Best Regards,
To Your MCA Success!

- Brandon Phone #: 513-828-3098
Contact me to learn more!

  info current as of: 2/9/2016
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  info current as of: 2/9/2016
  info current as of: 2/9/2016