posted on: 4/20/2012 6:31:17 AM EST
Computer Time - What's This World Coming To:
media consumption, pc time, computer usage

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Computer Time - What's This World Coming To:

It never ceases to amaze me how much time we marketers
spend on our computers. It's as if we are transfixed to this
monitor, or should I say monster, filled with audio, video,
information, and the never ending interaction between persons.

I wonder what it is about this magnetism affect, and the underlying
question is, what is it's effect. I just couldn't resist the
temptation to use the words affect and effect in the
same sentence. lol, most confusing indeed.

Did you know that U.S children are using media on an
average of 8 hours per day?

That's an astonishing fact, considering that they only spend
an average of 6 hours a day in school, not to mention that
their average sleeping hours fall slightly short of their pc time.

Should we be alarmed by these statistics, and if so,
what can we do about it?

What jumps out at me is how much media children are
consumming. What kind of a monster have we created,
and if we didn't create it, we did allow it?

Is this "fad" here to stay? Who knows for sure, but I'm
getting a distict feeling that this isn't a fad.

It's a way of life now. Facebook, television, video games and
rock and roll, or should I say R&B?

It makes me think back to when I was a kid. Were my parents
just as paranoid about who I would become because of that
generations "fads"?

After all, we turned out okay, didn't we? lol ,
I guess that's a matter for discussion at another time.

As to our children of today, I thnk we need not worry if we just
teach them to allow their light to shine while they have their:

Computer Time.
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Joan Hall   1388 day(s) ago
Larry, thanks for this excellent, thought-provoking blog.
Doug Leclair   1388 day(s) ago
Okay, I definitely spent a lot of time yesterday. Golfing today, baseball tomorrow! See you all on Monday, have a great weekend:)
Jason Yost   1388 day(s) ago
The way people "relate" to one another is being redefined in the process. A lot of the youth, without the experiences of folks like you and me, are loosing out on the opportunities that we had to get out and shake hands with people. the other day I had a young person (client) leaving my office and I reached over and shook his hand, wishing him a great day. He smiled and said that was awkward. lol That was the norm when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing your blog. Have a blessed day.
Leon (Dweet) de Wet   1388 day(s) ago
Being in my Senior Years I can Identify with what you are saying Larry....except it will be mostly Mobile Applications from here on in!
Hitesh Sangani   1388 day(s) ago
I don't know where this new technology will take us Larry

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