posted on: 5/7/2012 5:17:48 PM EST
In the Wake of Your Storms, There is Refuge and Victory!
triumph, victory,

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When we go through life's challenges and we face,
what seems to be unsurmountable odds, it's important
to know that your victory is right around the corner.

Many times in our personal and professional lives, we
come up against road blocks, detours if you will, that
can have a tendency to distract, upset, even irritate us
in such a way that we become overconcerned, worried,
and overreactive.

Right when it seems that these strangling circumstances
have choked the life out of us, some miraculous event
takes place, allowing us to breathe a sigh of relief and
carry on with life with a gratuitous attitude.

These "tests" of our character, and that's what they are,
tests, help us to build our faith in something bigger and
more powerful than ourself.

In our storms, are we taking refuge in the One who has
total control and already knows the outcome of our
perceived dilemnas, and in our victories are we giving
thanks to the One who lifts us and carries us through
those storms?

What is the lesson here, for to have a storm without a lesson is
meaningless, isn't it?

For me. the lesson is knowing that God has continued,
time and time again to pull me through, what I thought
were major catastrophies in my life.

Did you catch that? "Time and Time Again"...

God has prevailed and been faithful to honor His promise
time and time again. That's the lesson!

It would be rather ignorant of me to think that He wouldn't
get me through this one or the next, wouldn't it?

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Steve Vicky Bruce   1370 day(s) ago
Amen Larry, great job, will like and tweet 4U
William Siong    1370 day(s) ago
Beautifully described! Thanks for sharing, Larry.
Barbara Blevins   1371 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing that Larry - lovely post, and I have tweeted !
Ludwina Van Hyfte   1371 day(s) ago
Glad to see that you're back, missed you for a couple of days. Thanks for the words of wisdom spread all over your blog post.
Alzora Odhiambo   1371 day(s) ago
Hello Larry, this blog had to sink deep into all who read it. Great Job. I have tweeted, liked and rated this blog.

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