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To Everyone With Faith in Jesus (or not)
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To Everyone With Faith in Jesus (or not)

I had dinner with a good friend of mine earlier this evening. He is also upline to me in my business. As we spoke and discussed what was going on in my life. I realized That I have been under attack by the enemy. I also realized that I have been letting him win.

I have been letting him convince me that my business will not succeed. That is NOT true my business WILL succeed. He has been convincing me that my upline doesn't care about me or my business. Again FALSE they do care about me and my business, I have an incredible upline that also has a deep faith in God. I have been letting him convince me that I can't afford to pay my tithe to my church, WRONG again when I am faithful with my money God ALWAYS provides for my needs. I am sure there are many other aspects of my life the enemy is whispering doubt, discontent, and lies into.

That Stops right here and right now! My faith is in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the enemy has no power over my life unless I give it to him. As of this moment I, with the help of Jesus, take back my power and belief and renounce Satan and his lies. He has no power over my life or the lives of my wife and family, my business or my Church. I call on the power of God to protect and guide us from this moment forward.

For those of you who are believers I ask you to examine your own lives, families and businesses and make your own declaration of faith. Say a prayer for your own circumstances and please offer up a prayer for me.

For those of you who don't know or don't believe I ask you to give Jesus a try. He loves all of us whether you believe in Him or not. Find a Church in you local area and just give God a chance, I know you will be amazed by the awesome power of a loving and caring God.

Have a Blessed Day
Steven Ackerman

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