posted on: 10/24/2011 4:36:17 PM EST
Why I Am Diversifying
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Why I Am Diversifying

Specialization is not your friend. Work on experiencing more diverse aspects of business and life. - Robert Kiyosaki

I'm expanding and diversifying my home-based business portfolio and I wanted you to know! I've recently partnered with Momentis, which is an international marketing subsidiary of Just Energy. It is the largest company in energy deregulation and green energy in North America and is a publicly traded $3 billion company. Momentis provides essential home services like energy, TV and 4G services - both residential and commercial.

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, until this past year (now #2 after Mr. Slim from Mexico), just stated that the ENERGY industry, specifically anything having to do with green energy and helping the environment, is going to create the "Next Bill Gates". The video of this interview at Columbia University is all over the Internet right now.

Mr. Warren Buffett, second richest man in the world for many years, also stated "The biggest transfer of wealth this country has ever seen is happening right now and will continue to happen for the next 10 years in the ENERGY DEREGULATION industry".

The reason I’m so excited is deregulation creates opportunity. When deregulation occurred in the airlines, Southwest Airlines was started. When the telecom industry was deregulated, Verizon, Sprint, etc. were created. It’s happening one more time, with the deregulation of energy! Competition is coming in to the marketplace – this is your chance to get in on it. Being at the right place at the right time means NOTHING if you don’t act on it.

If this sounds interesting to you or if you want to see if Momentis can save you money on your essential home services I look forward to hearing from you!

Visit the web link above for more information.

To Your Success!


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MIKE DIALS   912 day(s) ago
Green energy is not going to save us. What other product other than oil does more for our way of life? We just need to drill. Thanks for your point of view though.
IBOtoolbox Webinars   912 day(s) ago
This was a fantastic blog. You are definitely an authority on the subject.
Allison Hayhurst   912 day(s) ago
Thanks Bev & Jennifer - I appreciate your support!
Jennifer Waller    912 day(s) ago
Great article thanks for sharing Allison !!
Bev Brossy   912 day(s) ago
Very well written post, Allison! I wish you much success with Momentis :)
Allison Hayhurst   912 day(s) ago
Dennis - great points. Competition is what makes America a great place to live, allows for better product & better service. It's also a great tip to not spread yourself too thin with diversification, it can cause loss of focus!
Dennis Thorgesen   913 day(s) ago
Deregulation is always good for an economy. Competition is what made America a great place to live. Diversification is also a good thing as long as you don't overdo it. There are many days I feel the corporation has bit off more than it can chew. Some days it takes hours to set things right.
Allison Hayhurst   913 day(s) ago
Thanks for your feedback and support Roosevelt, I greatly appreciate it!
Roosevelt Evans III   913 day(s) ago
Deregulation is always good for business in a free market economy. Regulate for safety issues not to restrict competition. Great post!
Allison Hayhurst   913 day(s) ago
Exactly Cee Cee - everyone uses energy plus we offer savings with two other essential home services - TV and internet!
Cee Cee Caldwell-Miller   913 day(s) ago
Sounds like a very interesting business and everyone uses energy.
Allison Hayhurst   913 day(s) ago
I know Renita...I am SO excited and looking forward to the ride:)
Renita Lowry    913 day(s) ago
Deregulation and diversifying are both exciting....;)
Allison Hayhurst   913 day(s) ago
Robert B. & Robert H. - thanks for your comments and support! Your enthusiasm rocks my world:)
Robert Halcomb   913 day(s) ago
Wow, energy seems to be the way to go when it comes to network marketing. You simply can't lose and this blog is very good for the information it provides. My advice is check it out.
Robert Banach    913 day(s) ago
Allison - Thank you for your insight into energy deregulation, and in particular green energy. How can you disagree w/ Bill, Warren and the many others that espouse the future of green energy!
Allison Hayhurst   913 day(s) ago
Ron - thanks for your comments. I agree, all your eggs in one basket can be dangerous. It's important to choose opportunities with products you believe in and leaders you can trust. Timing is key too!
Ron Simplified Myers    913 day(s) ago
Allison that was very clear and straight forward. If Bill Gates and Warren Buffet believe that is a great place to be, who is in a position to dispute them. Diversification is important. Having 1 business is dangerous because all your eggs are in that one basket.
Allison Hayhurst   913 day(s) ago
Debbie - I'm thrilled you are going to check it out. Absolutely, the opportunity is available in Canada! Message me after you have a look. I look forward to talking with you about the opportunity.
Debbie Mosser   913 day(s) ago
This is great information Alison. I am going to check out your link. Do you know if this opportunity is available in Canada?

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