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Should You Buy Traffic For Your Website?
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Since the introduction of the World Wide Web, we have heard or read stories about people who became instant millionaires because of the Internet. It is really true that the cyber world offers you and me a wide range of opportunities to earn a huge amount of money in a short span of time.

However, the Internet, like a coin, has two sides. On one side, you can find a lot of legitimate money making opportunities on the Net. But on the other side, if you are not careful, you can also encounter dubious companies, unscrupulous people and fraudulent schemes that will try to get your hard-earned money.

Many people will tell you, especially if you are new in the Internet business, that you need to build traffic to your website in order to start earning or gaining profit from your online business endeavor. You also probably have seen a lot of advertisements and squeeze pages that give you a tremendously low offer for guaranteed 1,000 or more visitors or traffic everyday. This offer may be enticing, but as an astute and calculating entrepreneur that you are, you probably would ask yourself, "should I buy traffic for my website?"

Here are some things you need to know before buying a traffic for your website:

Not all companies selling traffic are fraudulent

It is true that there are many companies and people on the Internet that are out to deceive you and defraud you. Probably, most of the offers you will encounter come from unscrupulous groups or individuals. However, there are also few legitimate companies or websites that truly offer traffic. The problem actually is determining which companies or people are legitimate and which ones are not.

Thus, before you try to spend even just a dollar for website traffic, you should first do your research. Visit forums and ask your friends and family about the company or the offer that you have seen. If you cannot find anything about the website's owners or the website does not entertain questions, then probably you are dealing with a fraud. It is always wise to exercise prudence in giving out your bank account, credit card number or any cash on the Internet. So if you or your friends are in doubt, do not go ahead with the transaction.

If the offer is too good to be true, it probably is

Although it is quite difficult to ascertain which offer or deal is good or not, it is quite easy to detect a scam. If you are given an offer that is very low but promises to give you the moon and the stars, be wary. Such offers, especially those low-cost and very high yield traffic, are almost always a scam. If such companies were really generating so much quality traffic, why would they sell them to you at very cheap prices? Do not be lured with sweet talks and empty promises, always ask for hard facts and evidence. Moreover, it would be wise to verify with government agencies or regulatory bodies, if applicable, before entering any deals.

There is no way to determine the quality of traffic that you will buy

As of the moment, there is really no way of determining the quality of the traffic that you will buy. In fact, it is actually hard enough to decipher how such deals can be monitored or verified. There are some software that could show various unique visitors in a website even if only one person is visiting the site. Moreover, it is also quite difficult to know for sure how many of the traffic that you will buy will translate to actual sales or clicks.

There are alternative ways to increase visitors aside from buying traffic

Buying traffic is not the only way to increase visitors to your website. There are many free alternatives or options, the question really is how dedicated are you in this project. If you want many people to visit your website and recommend you to their friends, you have to ensure that you regularly update your website and provide useful, easy-to-understand and relevant content. You need to initially make about 10 articles and post it in your website.

If you want to expand the reach of your articles, you could also submit them to several article repositories or directories. This will help increase your exposure in the field of interest or target niche of your website.

Aside from making good content, you can also join affiliate marketing and forums. Such venues would help you reach a wider audience and take advantage of the visitors of other websites. If you regularly participate in forums, people will begin to recognize you as an expert in your field and will be enticed to visit your website to learn more about the topic that is being tackled by your site.

After reading the reminders above, the answer to the question, "Should you buy traffic for your website?" is probably quite clear.
Allen Daniels

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