posted on: 12/31/2011 7:11:33 AM EST
Opportunity only knocks once - open the door now!
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DollarMonster is simply a single-line matrix investment pool. When the Investment Pool reaches an amount greater than or equal to what the top person needs to be paid off, the person at the top gets paid and the next person moves up.

For Example:
- You purchase a share for $4.00 and your funds are placed into the Investment Pool.

- Your spend makes its way to the top position at #1.

- Once the Investment Pool reaches equal to what you are due to cycle, you will be paid $8.00 (you have made a profit of $4.00).

- You will then be removed from the top position and the second person in the line will be moved up to replace you at the top.

It is possible to cycle many times a day with the right amount of promotion and Teamwork.

Your spent money won't go anywhere; all money is stored in a private AlertPay account.

You need no computer education. Our site is made to be extremely user friendly for even the most novice of computer users. We have designed our system to best suit you. You need a minimum of $4.00 on your AlertPay account to start. Payments are made 100% automatically!

Why Choose DollarMonster?

- Verified By AlertPay
- No paperwork
- 100% Instant And Automatic Payments made 24/7
- Top Quality Customer Support
- 100% Automated Refund Option

After your account is created, your spend will be placed in line to be paid, then once your spend makes it to the top of the list, you'll receive 200% back on your purchase paid directly into your AlertPay account instantly.

Opportunity only knocks once - open the door now!

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Lisa Smith    1393 day(s) ago
This looks like a great opportunity, thanks for sharing.
Ally Stewart   1393 day(s) ago
Dollar monster is a great program. They use STP now instead of alert pay and the refund option has been removed because some people abused it and caused problems with Alertpay.

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