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Why To Brand Yourself First to Build Your Business
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The internet is flooded with businesses to choose from and many business owners find that building a business has become increasingly difficult because of all of the competition. This is most likely because most owners think that their business will succeed with only a website, an opt-in page to generate leads and some advertising. This is partly because many online businesses are marketed as "get rich while doing nothing" businesses, which couldn't be farther from the truth. If you want to be able to build a downline, you need to brand yourself first.

Nobody is going to sign up to be part of a business if they do not know who the head of that business is. They are more likely to sign up as a business owner than sign up under someone's referral…unless that referral has an identity that is trustworthy.

There are plenty of ways to build your online brand (and credibility).

1. Participate in forums that are geared toward your target market. Don't limit yourself to sales pitches. Take the time to actively participate in the discussions being had on the boards. This will show other forum users who you are as a person and they are more likely to trust you and sign up to be part of your business.

2. Start a blog. Sure everybody and their goldfish has a blog these days, but blogs are a fantastic way to show people who you are. They are also a fantastic way to update the general public about the goings on of your business.

3. Create a newsletter that people can subscribe to. You can use the subscription list as a lead generator and once you've gotten a few issues out, start contacting your leads and selling them on the idea of being part of your business.

4. Respond to every email, private forum message or blog comment you receive. This will show people that you are an active participant in the online community.

A lot of business is done online and if you don't have an online identity to attach to your business, it will make it more difficult to build your business. An online identity is what will set you apart from the thousands of other business owners out there.

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pete CHRISTENSEN   1350 day(s) ago
That's good stuff, Angela!! people join you, before the business because they trust you; and your judgement! I wish you a great week--Pete
Pastor Ced Reynolds    1350 day(s) ago
Good stuff Angela. You hit the nail on the head. It's about letting people know who we are first and then about how we can best serve them. Thanks for being so transparent.
Eugene Mungin   1350 day(s) ago
Thanks Angela.........I needed this information!!! This is right on time..........People have to know that you are a person but more importantly a person with passion, compassion, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness!! I strive to sharpen these aspect of life everyday!! Thanks again Angela!!!
Frances Buchanan    1352 day(s) ago
Thank you for sharng Angela. It is true that people will want to know who is running the business. So branding ,as you say is very important. The personal touch and building relationships , building trust is the way to go.
Jeffrey Lum   1352 day(s) ago
Excellent observation and suggestion Angela!

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