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Mango Season in Miami
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Mango Season
starts in Miami, FL in June and lasts through September.

Many people have never experienced this delicious fruit because Mangos need a
tropical climate to flourish. Only Florida, California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico grow mangos.

I am fortunate to live in Miami and am really blessed to have a very prolific mango tree right outside my patio.

Mango Season in Miami means bowls of fresh mangos ripening on the counter. 

There are literally thousands of varieties of mangos, but the most popular in Miami are probably Keitts, Kents, Tommy Atkins, and Hadens.

Some Mangos ripen best on the tree.. other varieties off the tree. But usually all varieties  turn a beautiful golden color when they are ready to be peeled and sliced and enjoyed.

I have many favorite ways of eating ripe mangos during Mango Season... on top of vanilla ice cream, mixed in with my morning Cheerios, and as a substitution for the pineapple in an upside down pineapple cake.  Delicious!

However, my favorite way to enjoy mangos is in Mango Smoothies. I peel ripe mangos all during Mango Season, slice them into halves, and freeze them.  By the time Mango Season comes to an end, I always have my whole freezer filled with mangos.

All year long I make Mango Smoothies using frozen mangos, frozen bananas, plain Greek yogurt, and protein powder. These mango smoothies are great! And they are also excellent as a meal substitute, because they are both nutritious and filling.

Mango Season
in Miami is a delicious time of year. And if the hurricanes stay away from Miami, and I don't lose my electricity for an extended time, my freezer will supply me with this heavenly fruit all year long.

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Anne Long

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Julie Klein   919 day(s) ago
I love mangos, but where I live, we don't get them often in our markets. I didn't realize there were many varieties. I thought a mango was a mango. Thanks for educating me.
Tracie Foreman   926 day(s) ago
Wow, thanks for sharing this great PR. I'm craving mangos no for some strange reason! Will share!
Anne Long   927 day(s) ago
This IBO Press Release made it to the first page of Google.. keyword phrase... Mango Season in Miami. Go IBO!
tony bayliss   928 day(s) ago
My mouth is watering
Bridget Schlattner   928 day(s) ago
Thanks Anne for your PR. I love Mango season. Lived a long time in Miami. Much success to you

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