posted on: 3/6/2012 10:41:35 AM EST
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My Internet Marketing Experience

A few months ago I ventured into Internet & Network Marketing, a foray which I have not regretted so far.
The Internet Industry is considered to be a billion dollar Industry and the information available can be overwhelming. Don’t let this deter you, gather the information in phases which are relevant to you.
Treat it as a business and every new venture has its teething problems, keep that in mind. It can also be extremely frustrating at times, so you need to continuously motivate yourself.
You will come across countless programs hyped to the core with so-called Internet Gurus, all trying to outdo one another. Each of them will swear that theirs is the only system which will bring in the big bucks. Ultimately all of them have one thing in common and that is to get you to buy their so-called ‘Proven Formula’.
Another unsavoury experience you will encounter is the smooth talking ‘Con Artists’ who will promise you the sky before you sign up for their programs. Once you become their prey, all the initial promises will disappear and the so-called benefactor suddenly gets very busy and becomes scarce. He hides behind emails and offline messages. His so- called software or system guaranteed to give you results suddenly seems extremely far- fetched. Beware of such fraudulent programs and tricksters.
In a way I am thankful for these rather unpleasant encounters because it made me wiser and cautious. Before venturing into any program now, I thoroughly investigate by making a few enquiries and most important of all I insist on interacting with the concerned person on a personal level either through Face book or Skype. This to some extent helps in assessing whether the programmer is genuine or not.
The Internet Industry offers all of us great opportunities to earn money, we should not let the frauds get an upper hand by misleading us or discouraging us to continue in our quest to earn the Big Bucks.
I propose that like-minded people should set-up a “Watch My Back” group to ward off such elements, as a group we can ably assist each other and caution each other too whenever necessary. So make a decision today. Contact the undersigned for more details.

Arun Jayakaran

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Arun Jayakaran   1434 day(s) ago
Thanks a lot Irene for your valuable observation.
Irene Blackett   1435 day(s) ago
That's grea advise Arun fortunately for a lot of us not every program/company takes your money and runs. It always pays to do your due diligence as you have!
Svetoslav Sergeev    1435 day(s) ago
Hi Arun, really good information, very useful for newbie or just beginners. I had all this experience myself when decided to learn Internet marketing few years ago. Your proposal of establishing the group soun good but at the same time there are different ways to check whether so called "Guru" is a real master and his product is worth to consider for purchase, Warrior Forum is one of such places.It's just for information, if somebody will decide to make proper investigation of something.

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