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Power of 4 System
Residual Income, Home Business, Internet Marketing

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The Power of 4 System Team are TEAM BUILDERS... We are not about a company or a product, as much as we are about the opportunity and helping one another succeed.

We have made available to you information supporting the validity of Infinity Downline which is our Wealth Vehicle. We have a training site with a chat room, we have team calls and conference calls with webinars. We are available for 3 way phone calls and questions of all kind at anytime.

We are committed to deliver accurate information that will empower you to make informed choices and to ensure that you have the ability to have a financially free life.

Our purpose is to have a group of like-minded individuals working toward common goals. Our team building process is to give the support needed to achieve those goals.
We plan to help individuals to make a difference by helping you to reach goals we have set in place. By following our system, it will allow each individual to achieve financial freedom.

The diversity of personalities and skills can sometimes cause conflicts rather than balancing and complementing each other. Therefore, we must set a few rules in place such as no slandering, no posting individual links, members without four people should each invite non members to the Team Group, be sure to write down the names of your invitees you plan to invite and the time that they were invited, invitees must become paid members within their first 24 - 48 hours.

After the 24 - 48 hour time period and you have not heard from your invitee then they will be deleted from the group. This group is serious about reaching goals and procrastination will not be a part of this team. We all are here for support for one another as a Team and Family. Also make sure your invitee read these documentations and accept these terms.

“You don’t have to be great in order to start, but you do have to start in order to be great.”

In closing there are a few things that must take place in order to be on the team.

1. Visit the Power of 4 System Team Business Site:
Pay close attention to all the information in the site.

2. Once you have listened to all the information in the system, sign up for our program.

3. Join our affiliate program. (Infinity Downline) $25. The person that invited you will give you their affiliate link to join under. You must join within the 24 - 48hr time period or you will be deleted from the group and someone else will take the spot.

4. Invite as many people you would like to the team as soon as you have completed the sign up process. Follow up with them within 24 - 48hrs.

By following this Daily Action Plan SEMI-CONSISTENTLY over the course of time your residual income could be in the range of ASTRONOMICAL!!!

Congratulations and remember we are always, and in all ways, here to help you along that wonderful journey!

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Wafaa Amien   1429 day(s) ago
Excellent System ....

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