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Be a leader and multiply
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It's important to turn your reaction to ideas and information into results in your MLM business. Way back when, Adam and Eve were told to go forth and be fruitful. Obviously, THEY got results.
"Fruitful" creates a mental image of abundance. And that is critical - it implies that you create more than you need just for yourself. In my experience, the more you create that benefits others, the more satisfying your life will be. We get a constant stream of emails, cards & letters from thankful individuals. That is great nourishment for our hearts - which, at times, everybody's heart needs.
Make it standard operating procedure to come up with more ideas than you could ever possibly put into existence. Then you can share your bounty. When you put your mind and body to the task of creating as much bounty as possible, and then you share it with others, you have a peace of mind that just can't be matched.
So work hard and have fun in network marketing. Look after all the details of your business. The more you observe and experience, the more effective you will get - and the more productive you will become. THEN what you share with others can create a legacy that will long outlive you.

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