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One24 - The Compensation (Green Income Stream)
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We have discussed the history of One24 and the current products involved, so now it's time to talk MONEY! One24's "Incentivized Referral Plan" (IRP) is uniquely designed to give EVERYONE that joins the company the opportunity to make significant income within 24 months of joining. The key to One24 success is simply "commitment." We live in a time where many people are so focused on "instant gratification" that they miss out on the opportunities that will be best for them in the long-run. Everyday folks run to play their "numbers" at the lotto or place their bets on a number of different events with the hopes of hitting it big and becoming rich overnight. There are many types of "get-rich-quick schemes" or "scams" out there; not just within the network marketing industry, but in traditional and other non-traditional business models as well. The reality is that most people do not get rich overnight. While some do, most don't. In fact, many of those that do end up losing their "instant riches" in a relatively short period of time thereafter. That is the difference between being rich and having wealth, but that's a topic for another day.

In order to be successful in One24, all you have to do is commit. Simply understanding how money can compound over time is the key to understanding the One24 "IRP." You may be familiar with the question of whether you'd rather have a million dollars today or start with a penny today and have your money doubled everyday for a month (usually 30 days are used). It's a valid question and if you ask people "hypothetically" many will say the penny simply because they know there is some kind of "trick" to the question. I'm sure if you actually had a million dollars in one suitcase in front of them and a penny in your other hand, most would choose the suitcase because that's the society we live in. I think a better question would be whether you would rather have 5 million dollars today or one scent today, two cents tomorrow, and four cents the next day with that same doubling of your money everyday for 30 days. At the end of 30 days you would have received over 10 million dollars! The principle is the same with One24, but One24 takes it a step further. In the example, day 30 would be the last day you received money. With One24, the income is residual so you will continue to receive your checks for life as long as you are a part and "stay the course." It really is very simple and anyone can get involved and succeed.

One24 has numerous income streams, but here I am going to focus on the green. The green income is basically where it all starts. When you join One24 and set-up your monthly autoship you are known as a PC, which stands for Preferred Customer. When you become a PC, you are given 24 virtual green tickets and may use one ticket each month for 24 months; hence the name One24. Each person you bring into the company using your one green ticket per month nets you a commission of $1.50. Now at this point, it doesn't seem like much money. Simply taking $1.50 and multiplying it by 24 tickets only nets $36 in green income, but obviously that is not the whole story. Each PC you bring into One24 also receives 24 green tickets and each PC they bring in with their green tickets also receives 24 green tickets and so on. Furthermore, each of those PCs brought in with green tickets are worth a $1.50 to you as well, so you can now see how your green income stream builds. Even using a very conservative model known by some as the "rule of three" we can easily illustrate the income earning power of your green tickets. This model is based on you using only 3 of your 24 allotted green tickets and everyone else connected with you doing the same thing. In your first month you would use one green ticket to bring in your first PC, which would net you $1.50 in green income. In month two, you would bring in another PC with your second green ticket and the PC you brought in your first month would use his/her first green ticket. At that moment you have a total of 3 green PCs worth $4.50 in green income (you brought in one person in month one and one person in month two and the person you brought in during month one has brought one person in during month two for a total of three green PCs for you). Stay with me now and remember they are all green PCs because they were all brought in with green tickets. In your third month you bring in your third green PC and each of the three green PCs you already had use their green tickets as well, so now you have a total of 7 green PCs worth $10.50 in green income. Now being honest, I don't expect generating $10.50 in income after three months to excite anybody. But that's not the whole story. If you notice, in month one the green income was $1.50, in month two it was $4.50, and in month three it was $10.50. If you pay attention to that trend, you should be very excited! Each month you are more than doubling your income from the previous month and that should be very exciting! What's even better is that even if you never used another green ticket to bring in a new PC (remember our "rule of three" model) and if those green PCs that are connected under you stopped at three as well, your monthly green income stream would continue to grow as follows: $21.00 (month 4), $40.50 (month 5), $76.50 (month 6), $142.50 (month 7), $264.00 (month 8), $487.50 (month 9), $898.50 (month 10), $1654.50 (month 11), $3,045.00 (month 12), $5,602.50 (month 13), $10,306.50 (month 14), $18,958.50 (month 15), $34,872.00 (month 16), $64.,141.50 (month 17), $117.976.50 (month 18). I stopped at month 18 because there is a cap on the One24 green income stream of $100,000/month and at that point it would have been met.

Now let me put some of these numbers into perspective for you. At month 6, your monthly autoship product cost ($69.75) is fully covered and each month the profit will continue to increase. Remember "stay the course?" Also, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics' 2010-2011 occupational handbook, the average salary in the U.S. is $43,460. According to our "rule of three" model, at month 13 a One24 PC will have surpassed the average salary in the U.S. (working part-time mind you) by almost $25,000 (roughly $67K vs $43K)! Furthermore, by month 17 that same One24 PC would be making more per month than the average annual salary! These numbers are not a guarantee of income for all One24 PCs, but they are real and accurate numbers for One24 PCs that follow the "rule of three." As I mentioned, with One24 it is all about being committed and staying the course. The only way you don't succeed with One24 is if you get in and leave!

Remember, here we have only discussed the green income stream! The green income is based on you using a few of your green tickets and teaching others to do the same; however, next I will discuss the silver income stream which is basically "free money" just for being a part of One24! Stay tuned to find out about the "Power of One," which is how a PC can bring only one person into One24 and generate hundreds and thousands of dollars in silver income!

If you don't want to wait, simply go to ! Please note, however, that the silver and platinum income streams have been enhanced and the videos are in the process of being updated to reflect those enhancements. Feel free to contact me directly after watching the videos if you have any questions. Get on the waiting list today!

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