posted on: 12/17/2011 6:59:22 AM EST
An IBOtoolbox Brief Testimonial - The Right Way Works!
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An IBOtoolbox Brief Testimonial~

Just over a week ago, I sent an invitation to connect with a brand new member of IBOtoolbox. I didn't know anything about the person, except that she was brand new to IBO according to the message that showed up on the IBOtoolbox wall...

(For those that don't know, IBOtoolbox is a FREE networking platform designed specifically for Independent Business Owners (IBO) to build relationships with other like-minded professionals; while also providing a full suite of marketing tools to help promote and build your business).

...a short time later, I received a private message on IBO from this new member. Unfortunately, that often means that I am about to be "pitched" on some sort of business opportunity by this person that I have never actually spoken to or even exchanged a message with. But being who I am, I always try to turn a negative into a positive, thus using those situations as opportunities to help others understand that there are much better ways to go about building their businesses. Fortunately, I didn't need to do that here...

The message I received was simply a thank you for connecting, a little personal background, and an interest in networking and building a business relationship. Even after we exchanged a few messages that briefly included what businesses we are both involved in, there was never a "pitch" by either of us to try and recruit the other into our respective opportunities. I did offer to assist her with learning how to navigate IBO since she was just getting started, and she took me up on the offer as we continued to build our relationship.

So we conversed here and there over the last week and today while we were chatting she was "spammed" by someone from my business (clearly not someone on my team)! After exchanging a few instant messages regarding our experiences with spammers, she asked me about the company. I told her that if she called me I would talk to her about it...and she did a short time later.

By the time we got off the phone she had not only joined my team, but I had also already given her a brief training and a "blueprint" with a plan of attack on how to get off to a good start with building the business. I don't know how long it took for her to bring her first person in (maybe half an hour), but I do know that just a couple of hours later she had already enrolled 5 new people!

My hope is that somebody will be blessed by this brief testimonial about doing things the right way, and just maybe a "spammer" will reconsider his/her current approach to building a business. Hint: When you learn "attraction marketing" you won't need to spam!

An IBOtoolbox Brief Testimonial - The Right Way Works!

To Your Success,

Antonio Moore

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Antonio Moore   856 day(s) ago
Thank you for commenting Luigi. I can't address your comment fully here, but I actually covered it in a post I wrote yesterday. You can check it out here,
Antonio Moore   857 day(s) ago
Thank you for your comment Robin. I believe that enough people on IBO and in the industry "echo" the message of building relationships that many know the right way, but unfortunately choose to ignore it. The hope is that they will start! Continued Blessings!
Antonio Moore   858 day(s) ago
More great comments from Terry, Tim, and Ally! And Ally, you can come by as many times as you'd like because blogs are supposed to be interactive! When things are done right here at IBO, the power of the platform is truly unleashed and hopefully the majority are experiencing it!
Robert Frasier   858 day(s) ago
Antonio that is what it is all about building relationships. I have had so many people contact me here and pitch me that I would send them a spammers message. Get to know me first.
Ron Barnas   858 day(s) ago
IBO a friendly atmosphere and a great place to promote your business without actually pushing it onto others and like magic people connect with you.Thanks Antonio for sharing your experience.
Antonio Moore   858 day(s) ago
Thank you Bud,Carolyn, and Kim for sharing your comments as well. Building rapport is very important when creating that solid foundation for a lasting relationship. IBO has given us a great platform to do this, and hopefully others will realize that.
Luigi Panarella   858 day(s) ago
Antony, you have great story, but I believe is just a story and good way to interact with the community at IBO. The fact that some one can recruit 5 people in a few hour without having much time for build relationship is seems little to hard that will ever happen.
Antonio Moore   858 day(s) ago
Bernadette, I'm glad that you found this post encouraging and helpful and Ron, I know you are one who is doing it the "right way" and telling others to do the same. I hope you both are having a very prosperous weekend!
Robin Rothwell   858 day(s) ago
Excellent "template" Antonio for showing our members how to properly do business on IBOToolbox. No one really wants to offend anyone, its just that many members don't realize that "relationships" run commerce here & not just exposures. Congrats on a blog well done. Robin in Seattle 206.604.6411
Antonio Moore   858 day(s) ago
Thank you for your comments Kris, Eric, and Velma! Kris you hit the nail on the head and I appreciate you all for coming by and commenting. I hope you all are having a very blessed and productive weekend!
Ally Stewart   859 day(s) ago
I have been here before and commented on this. Sorry I must have clicked the wrong place. close instead of submit. OOPS. IBO is great if we do things right. That was an example of me doing it wrong. Sorry again Antonio.
Antonio Moore   859 day(s) ago
It's always great to receive so many comments from my IBO Family, especially when it includes one from the Founder of this great platform! Thank you Paul Williams for all that you do to make IBO be the best that it can be for all who choose to be here and take advantage. Go IBO!
TIM VILLARD   859 day(s) ago
Excellent Antonio posting. It is always good to keep your mind open. Not saying opportunities, but let the pitchers talk and later they will remember you when there opportunity isn't working.
Terry Galtney   859 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Antonio. You don't have to force, so to speak your business on someone. If they're interested and you're helpful to them, they will act on it! Excellent points and may you be blessed with continued success
Kim Banks   859 day(s) ago
Excellent content. No one likes to be pitched. Take the time to build rapport first.
Antonio Moore   859 day(s) ago
Thanks for the comment Johnny! Anyone who uses this platform appropriately will see some benefits if they do nothing else but post "good" content. People with bad content may see short-lived improvements, but if it's good IBO will help! Glad to hear of your success!
Bud Foltyn   859 day(s) ago
Great story, Antonio! Building the RIGHT way to create a solid foundation, and a lasting relationship. Thanks.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady    859 day(s) ago
Antonio awesome this is a a great testimonial. I hope everyone reads what you have written and root these words deeply. Thanks Antonio
Antonio Moore   859 day(s) ago
Thank you for your comment Anne. Attraction marketing can take a little while to learn how to do properly, and the problem is that many people won't take the time to learn. The concept is easy for most, but the right application varies. I'm glad you found it, though!
Ron Simplified Myers    859 day(s) ago
Awesome blog. I have shared that same message. Unfortunately it goes beyond new IBO people. People that have been in IBO are still doing. I had someone ask to be connected. I did and the first message was, "this is what I do". WOW!!! I am in total agreement with you Antonio. Keep making it happen
Bernadette Elijah   859 day(s) ago
Great Antonio. That was encouraging and very helpful. I look forward to reading more about it.
Velma Joseph   859 day(s) ago
Awesome share ~ thanks Antonio! To your continued success ~ GO IBO!
Eric CEO   859 day(s) ago
Great Post.. Very informative too... I like the IBO system as well. It Works!
Kris Karafotas    859 day(s) ago
Antonio, this is great! Doing things the right way definitely works :) Always offer something of value first then more times than none, people just join you without you having to pitch them! Wishing you continued success! Kris Karafotas
IBOtoolbox Webinars   859 day(s) ago
Using the system correctly pays off in the long run. I wish you and her success in your new adventure! -Paul Williams
Johnny Lee   859 day(s) ago
Absolutely! IBO works! My traffic has increased substantially since I joined. Best move I've made to increase my web presence.
Anne McAllister   859 day(s) ago
Well said. When you learn the principles of attraction marketing, you know its all about giving value to others. Its amazing how long it took me to find that out though. Great post Anne

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