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As I checked my email earlier today, I saw an advertisement for 250 premium business cards for only $10. The ad was from a very well known company that is often seen advertising "free" or "low cost" business cards, but because I've ordered business cards from them on numerous occasions over the years I knew that there was more to the story!

If you don't already know which company I'm referring to, you probably will shortly...


I currently use ViralPrint for my business cards (and other printed products) because ViralPrint offers higher quality at a lower price; but since I had a moment I thought I would conduct a "test" to see how much it would cost for me to order 1000 of the same business cards that I just ordered through ViralPrint.

So I clicked the link and got started.

The first thing that I did was upload the design (front and back) that I have on my ViralPrint business cards.

This is where the first issue arose...

The design that fit so perfectly on the front of my ViralPrint business cards was slightly too big for this company's online template. Even after using the "edit" feature it wouldn't fit, so I had settle for having part of the logo cutoff in order to move forward. I had the same issue with the back also, but there was a "scale to fit" option that I used. Had I really been ordering business cars, this would have been unacceptable because choosing "scale to fit" made much of the text illegible. It can be read perfectly on my ViralPrint business cards.

Next, I had to select a quantity. As I mentioned, I just ordered 1000 business cards from ViralPrint so I selected the "1000 business cards" option. The normal price for 1000 business cards was $39.99, but with this "deal" I saved $10 and the cost was $29.99. According to the website, I was getting a 50% discount per card.

Now it was time to choose the card stock and this is where ViralPrint really distances itself from this company and others.


My ViralPrint business cards came standard on 16pt card stock with UV gloss coating. This particular company offered a standard 12pt matte finish free of charge, but charged extra to upgrade to its 15pt premium matte finish (100lb), its 14pt glossy finish (90lb), or its 16pt recycled matte finish. The upgrade prices were $10.49 (premium), $11.49 (glossy), and $12.49 (recycled).

Notice how the price is climbing?

Since there wasn't an option that matched the quality of my ViralPrint business cards, I chose the closest option (14pt glossy finish) in order to continue.

And after declining a host of offers from the company and its partners, I was finally at the shopping cart. My original order total for 1000 business cards was $90.95, but according to the system I "saved" $33.00 for a grand total of $57.95 for 1000 business cards!

But wait, that was before shipping...

Standard delivery was 14 days (free), priority delivery was 7 days (normally $17.81, but I was getting it for $10.00) and rush delivery was 3 days (normally $31.01, but my price was $15.00). I went with the priority option because my ViralPrint business cards deliver in a week (mine actually took a little less time, but a week is standard). Therefore, the total cost would have been $67.95 for 1000 business cards.


ViralPrint business cards cost $28 for 1000 cards. Shipping is an additional $8 for a $36 total. That's $36 for 1000 high quality business cards on 16pt card stock, full color, double-sided, with UV gloss coating. Therefore, not only are the ViralPrint business cards almost half the price ($36 vs $67.95), but they are also of higher quality. In fact, as an entrepreneur and professional networker I have a stack of business cards from various networking events, and my ViralPrint business cards are higher quality than any of the other business cards I compared them to (including the custom designed cards my company has been using, and paying a pretty penny for, the last few years).


As a member of ViralPrint, you can save up to 70% on purchases of business cards and other printed products. Membership is FREE and there are no fees or purchase requirements of any kind. ViralPrint is currently in its "alpha" stage (pre-launch phase 1), but will be moving into the "beta" stage (pre-launch 2) where it will be rolling out all of its products very soon!

To join ViralPrint, visit (Please note that we are in the alpha stage and the member pages are constantly being worked on and updated. If the link is down, simply visit , click sign-up now, and enter antoniomoore for the Parent Affiliate ID)

To learn the #1 reason why you should join ViralPrint NOW, instead of waiting until we move into the beta stage, click here

Continued Blessings and Success,

Antonio Moore

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