posted on: 4/16/2012 3:45:04 PM EST
To all the Haters
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In life we all have those people who will always hate on what you are doing usually its the people who are close to you. The key is to feed off that negative energy and use it to push yourself forward I love hearing people tell me "you cannot work from home" and "what if your business fails" cause for me I laugh and keep going. I mean did Thomas Edison have haters back in the day of course he did. Everyone who has succeeded in life has had their fair share of haters, and guess what they do not go away. Even when you become successful they will be right by your side telling you it will not last or that company is better than yours. Sadly the only ones who fail are them, the ones who do not take that risk and travel into the unknown. You know the ones I'm talking about they complain about the gas prices, the economy, their job and, anything else but still will not change a thing. I've known a lot of haters especially the ones around my age who seem to think that working a job is the only way to go. So when I come along working from home its like I'm from another planet, "Oh I have heard about those things, you cant make any money" yep I heard a lot of this and I keep hearing it. It's not that they do not like you, they are upset with themselves cause they do not believe in themselves. Or they are stuck on the "guarantee"
I bet everyone felt their job was secure before the market crashed. Even now there are still companies laying off. Sony, Best buy, Sears and several others are laying workers off. So where is that guaranteed job that's right there isn't one.

So if you are a hater keep on hating cause everyone who wants to succeed will, and we can all thank you guys for providing that extra fuel we need to keep driving. "If you've never failed you've never lived".

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