100% FREE and open for everyone! Join today and start earning rewards for reading articles, writing articles, and sharing your favorite articles on your favorite social networks.

Is It Really 100% Free?

Yes. It is 100% FREE to join and earn rewards. There is absolutely zero cost. There is absolutely zero purchase necessary. You can write articles on our site, read articles on our site, and share our site with others and you will earn rewards, 100% absolutely FREE.

How Do I Earn?

Earning money here is SUPER EASY. Anyone can earn. It is 100% FREE and open to everyone.

Pages @bitbillions - Read. Write. Share. Connect.
  1. READING. (click here to learn more)
    When you read Pages (articles) on our site, you can get points. Just watch for the big green button to claim your rewards. Click the button, and earn points.

  2. WRITING. (click here to learn more)
    When you write Pages (articles) on our site, you get points. Every time someone reads or shares your Page, you get points. The key to getting a lot of points as a writer is to write good, high quality content that attracts a lot of readers, and a lot of sharing.

    Every member has their own unique referring link. We also automatically embed your referring link into the social sharing buttons. If you share your referring link with others, or if you share Pages by clicking the social icons, you can earn points. If someone joins our site through your link, you will earn points when they:

    • a. read Pages
    • b. write Pages
    • c. share Pages
    • d. purchase Ads
    • e. purchase Page BOOSTS

How Much Can I Earn?

There is no limit on the amount you can earn. Some members earn a few pennies per month. Some earn hundreds of dollars. Others earn thousands of dollars every single month. The amount of money you earn depends entirely upon you. Every month we put a HUGE portion of our advertising and sales revenue into a pool. This pool is distributed to our members based on the Points earned by each member. So, the more points you earn by reading Pages, writing Pages, and sharing Pages, the more money you will get. It is really that easy.

Pages @bitbillions - Profit when you post.

Do I Have To Buy Anything Or Sell Anything?

No. There is absolutely ZERO purchase nescessary. You do not have to buy anything or sell anything to earn. All you have to do is read pages and you will earn. If you like to write, you can write about anything you wish and you will also earn for that. If you find something here you want to share with others on your social media profiles, you will earn for that as well. You do not have to buy anything or sell anything at all.

Do I Have To Refer Others Or Build A Down-Line?

No. You are not required to share our site with anyone. You are not required to refer anyone. You do not have to build a "down-line" here. All you have to do is read, or write, or share. You do not have to buy anything, sell anything, or refer other people.

Why Would I Want To Write Articles Here?

First, you are PAID to write here. You can write about ANYTHING you want, and we will PAY YOU for writing. Second, we have world-class search engine optimization on every Page written on our site. So, there is a VERY GOOD chance your Page will rank high in major search engines. This means people will find your articles and come read them. Third, we feed your Pages (articles) to thousands of websites and blogs that subscribe to our RSS feeds. Fourth, we automatically share your Pages (articles) on hundreds of popular social networks and groups. Fifth, we have a very active community of readers and sharers. This means if you write good content, people will read it and share it with others. It is easy to "go viral" here. Oh, and it is 100% FREE.

Where Does The Money Come From That You Pay Me?

We sell advertising on our site. You can see banners on every single page. Also, we sell a product called "BOOSTS" to writers who want enhanced SEO, distribution, and social promotion. We put a HUGE PORTION of our advertising and sales revenue into a pool each month. This money is used to pay members who earn points.

Are There Any Qualifiers Or Minimums I Must Meet?

In order to earn you must get at least 1 Point. That is the only requirement. You are not required to meet any monthly qualifiers or minimums. You are not required to refer people. You are not required write articles, sell things, or buy things. All you need to do is earn Points. That is really the only requirement. There is nothing more.

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