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How blogs can help your business
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Surely as you may know what a blog ... in fact you are in one of them! You know your utility to learn today, to learn things or just as a place to find entertainment. But what you may know is maybe not that blogs can be helpful for companies (although they can also pose problems, it must be said).

How can businesses benefit? For in the same way that traditional journalism. If you speak good, consumers will have a good image. For example, a blog with many fans talk about your product can be very beneficial. Imagine a technology blog that makes a comparison between various models of mobile phones. Usually, those who follow these blogs rely on the opinion of the editors, so if we in good standing comparison, consumer reviews normally also be positive, guided by experts. Imagine now just the opposite case, that the product is criticized ... It can be disastrous.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for t he views and analysis on the Internet before buying. Obviously reporting of all purchases you make, but the most premeditated. It is also possible you do not intend to buy anything, but having read about a product, you enter the urge to buy it. And even more elaborate: you may not go to buy it, but I recommend it to a friend's opinion has been formed from reading blogs.

But how do the blogs talk about our product? Well, in a manner similar to traditional media. Publicity, public relations events, product delivery for analysis, generation of news ...

Another option would be to create a corporate blog. Where, from the company, consumers are informed and are kept current. Obviously, a manufacturer of industrial products will not have enough content to have a sufficiently updated blog, but other companies do have it easier. It is very typical for independent professionals who write about their field (HR, Marketing, Economics, Medicine, Food ...) to earn an "online reputation" and obtain, from there customers. But they can do business with physical products. It's all a little imagination!

The large differences between these two forms appear in blogs (in the other, or one corporate) are basically two: cost (cheaper than others talk about you, but also more complicated), and credibility. A corporate blog no longer a "seller", while an alien is a big prescriber.

Do you know more examples of how to sell more through blogging? Are you a fan and corporate blog interesting?

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Rui Banganho   1362 day(s) ago
Tks Fafa Catena
Fafa Catena   1363 day(s) ago
great info , sent it to twitter for you

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