posted on: 11/16/2011 7:34:54 PM EST
Share your Desktop with SKYPE
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Hey another IBO member taught me how to use Skpye to share my desktop.

It was just by reading comments that he and I came across each other. I had just asked my husband since we were both looking for a way to share information we have on the computer with others.

This was soooooooo easy I laughed at myself for not seeing this before. I know many of you will think girl where have you been and I would say NOT on skype. I have only used SYPE to chat with the kids who are all over this country but now I have a new free business tool at my disposal...YEAH!!!

So fo those of you who did not know this secret here are the steps to sharing your desktop via SKYPE. Hold on now these are some serious instructions and I don't want you to miss anything. I will paus for a moment while you get a piece of paper.





Are you ready, ok her we go

While in Skype find the + (plus sign) and click on it
Select the show my desktop option
You can also add other to the converstion

I hope you got all that serious information that you can now share with other. I am tired now from teaching this long drawn out process that i need a break.

Chow for now

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Beatrice Foster   1546 day(s) ago
I enjoy sharing good information thanks for the comments Steve, Dion, Kathy, Annemarie, Dennis and CeeCee
Cee Cee Miller   1546 day(s) ago
Didn't know, thanks for sharing!
Dennis Thorgesen   1546 day(s) ago
We started with Mikogo in Jan 2011. It is a good program if you can trust the person on the other end. With Mikogo the other person has control until then give it to you. Skype's program is simple by comparison and you don't have to do phone and computer at the same time.
Annemarie Berukoff   1546 day(s) ago
No pauses...all the way with Skype and desktop and IBO! Thanks for sharing.
Kathy Youla   1546 day(s) ago
That is great! will try it! I can really use this right now!

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