posted on: 4/30/2012 4:14:32 PM EST
My Friend Appreciates Learning About IBOToolBox!
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My friend saw our IBOToolBox Promo Video on FaceBook, asked me about it, and was amazed at what IBOToolBox has to offer for business development and expanding a business's internet exposure!

Friend: Very cool! I would like to learn more.

Me: Hi (friend), 4-29-12

I truly believe we have found an amazing tool here for business development and internet marketing. Rats! There is no financial reward to it. It is free to join, free to use, no upgrades possible!

It has taken me a while to realize, but founder Paul Williams probably has it right with his insight in growing the website, more business people using it, developing higher SEO rankings that benefit all users, and a blogger that is pushed out to the Search engines for maximum exposure. Members share with each other (not spamming), and help each other to grow. I attached Word Doc with the slides I copied from Paul's Training Webinar (might be informative).

My IBOSocial (digital Business Card): Our WazzUb-Info site page:
My IBOToolBox Invitation Link:

Friend: Bob, Thanks for sharing this with me. This is really good stuff that I will try and start using it!

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Julie Klein   1379 day(s) ago
I'm sure your friend will be a huge fan within days!

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