posted on: 5/18/2012 10:18:08 AM EST
The Joys of Internet Marketing with IBO Team OneX
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Oh, the joy of waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in the yard, and the friendly interactions with my IBO Team OneX members as we campaign together to get the word out about our "Ideal Internet Business", OneX. What an antidote for the usual sense of isolation experienced by computer users and internet marketers working alone!

We will meet on "Team Calls", Skype, or on our IBO Team Blog. We will troubleshoot with each other, ask and answer questions, give each other insights and helpful suggestions, support one another, and generally have fun together! What a great experience it is, working together as a team!

OneX was chosen by the IBO Team as having the greatest potential to help all of us to build a sustainable and long-lasting income stream through the strong appeal of this program to other business people and internet marketers.

This is the way the program works:
OneX has products for purchase. The products are substantial and progressive e-lessons designed to help you develop and promote any business as well as your OneX business. You will earn commissions on the purchases made by members under you, up to your current level. You can use the income to automatically upgrade your level to higher levels and qualify for progressively greater commissions.

IBO Team OneX suggests that you join OneX at the highest level at which you feel "comfortable", so you will be immediately "qualified" for commissions from your members' purchases at that level.

However, you can join at a lower level and “upgrade” when you want to (or let the Automatic Upgrade take you higher as you earn commissions):
• You can join OneX at the Tier 1 level for $5.00 (or higher levels) and let commissions build up and upgrade you automatically.
• You can join OneX with the LEAP program for $49.00 and get a head start on building your business (and let commissions pay the extra cost as you earn them).
• You can join OneXpro with the LEAP program for $99.00 (which is what my OneX sponsor recommends to do) and let commissions pay the extra cost as you earn them.

I believe you will find OneX to be a wonderful program to join, to spread to your friends, and to build a healthy income stream! (And the "Team" effect is pretty good, too!)

Please contact me for any questions: and

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