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Another Great Article The #1 Reason You Will Fail At Online Marketing

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The #1 Reason You Will Fail At Online Marketing - Ben Marvazi

Better yet, the number one reason you will fail at ANY kind of marketing…

It’s not because you suck at AdWords, or because you have no experience with online marketing…

…of course it’s those reasons too, but the reason is even more fundamental than that.

What’s the reason?

You have no USP (Unique Selling Proposition)!

In other words, you don’t offer a clear value proposition as to why a customer should do business with you instead of all your competitors.

These days with the power of Google, consumers have access to unlimited information – comparison sites, review sites, discussion forums, blogs, and more.

Consumers can research your product or service and become an expert at it before they even speak one word with you.

Showing up online with a website and expecting prospects to flock to you is simply a pipe dream.

If you are advertising a service online, why should I choose you instead of your competitor?

Nowadays, anyone can start a business by throwing up a website and offering a service. It’s now harder then ever to stand out in a big sea of competitors.

How are you different? Are you cheaper? Do you educate your prospects? Do you have faster service? What’s the 1 thing that sets you apart?

If you are trying to sell physical products online, why should I buy from you rather than Amazon? Do you offer a unique product Amazon doesn’t offer? Unique pricing or business model?

If not, you will have a very difficult time trying to sell your products.

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Don Sabelhaus   1471 day(s) ago
Great article Alphonso, you ask great questions that we should all ask ourselves. Thanks for posting. T&L

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