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How to enhance your IBO Spirit
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One thing I've noticed while on IBO toolbox is the amount of sharing of each others' information, business opportunities and programs. This is one of the cornerstones of the platform called IBO spirit. One of the main avenues through which this is achieved is by extensively employing social media.

In this short article I'd like to discuss how we all can enhance this experience through more effective use of tweets on twitter.

This can be accomplished by the use of hashtags. That is the # key, number sign key, "pound" key(US) or hash character that is reached by pressing Shift-3 on your keyboard. The technical name for it is the octothorpe.

Visit and input a word or phrase without spaces to determine if it is currently popular in the twittersphere and see if a critical mass has developed that is tracking that term. The higher the grade the more people are following it and the more it makes sense to use it.

The benefit of hashtags is that they can extend your reach throughout twitter beyond just your followers and your tweets can be found by people that are not even following you.

Some key hashtags I have discovered that we as internet marketers can use are #internetmarketing, #networkmarketing, #freetraffic, #trafficgeneration and #makemoneyonline. Use your imagination to find more.

So, the next time you're feeling the IBO spirit and want to tweet remember you can edit the
tweet and place a hashtag in there for good measure.

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Karen Prescod   1411 day(s) ago
Great blog Bill, it was very informative. thanks much.
Lin Ronald   1413 day(s) ago
It is little tips like this that actually make us better at what we do. Thanks for sharing this one. Lin Ronald skype: lin.ronald
Kris Karafotas    1413 day(s) ago
Now that is great information Bill! Thanks for sharing! ~Kris Karafotas
Deleon Duckworth   1413 day(s) ago
Thanks for the Post..and Great Tip!! I learn something new Everyday
Don Sabelhaus   1414 day(s) ago
A fantastic article Bill, let every man be my teacher, I learned something new in this blog article, thanks for sharing my friend. another T&B

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