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MLM Compensatio Plans – Binary
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Binary MLM compensation Plans are categorized as any plan that has only two legs. In a binary system, your two front line positions are Gold! You want to be sure to save those spots for real builders. Everyone else you would put downline somewhere. But wait, is that fair.

There are a few drawbacks to these types of MLM compensation plans. First, your two legs have to remain balanced. If one is longer than the other, you will only get paid, on each leg, down as far as the short leg. Also, most bonuses are only available on balanced legs. This leaves you juggling to try and be sure to maintain balance making your focus primarily on recruiting.

The other issue, which is related to the first, is that someone in your upline could place a distributor on YOUR front line. Sounds good right? NO. Remember, you want to reserve these spots for serious builders. Otherwise, you will be stuck building under one of them. Then, as you recruit and place new members, they will always be on someone’s front line. So, the person you placed on the front line of someone else is not going to build, so either you or the person under whom you placed them is going to have to build there. Can you see the difficulty in this type of system?

Fairness is not to be found in these MLM Compensation Plans, as you can plainly see.

For more information visit MLM Compensation plans page of my main blog, Bill’s BIG mlm Blog,at the link provided.

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