posted on: 7/17/2011 11:15:25 AM EST
Content Syndication Ring
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Blog Syndication is crucial to your success as a blogger. This post and the related link will help you et yoru content syndicated by others.

The concept of a syndication ring is simple. You share content for people, and they return the favor by sharing your content. If you get a large enough ring built, everyone will be getting a lot of Social Proof on their pages.

But, what about these overlapping rings? This is where things really start to pick up. When you are a member of multiple Syndication Rings, you will have many more eyes on your pages, which means many more likes, tweets, stumbles etc. These increase the number of eyes on your content even more from the people who see these shares, and sometimes they will share it too. If your content is really good, it could continue to get shared many times. This is the viral affect we are looking for.

So, back to the concept of multiple overlapping content syndication rings. You could spend months using multiple bookmarking and social media sites to build your own circles, or you could join some of the ones that already exist. There are several options available to you, and if you utilize most or all of them, you will have a powerful content syndication network almost immediately.

If you are ready to start getting tons of backlinks and social proof for your pages, check out the new CONTENT SYNDICATION RING page I added to the blog at the link provided.

I hope you understand how important blog syndication is to your blogging career. Contact me if you need more information on this topic.

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