posted on: 8/27/2011 12:39:37 AM EST
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The following is a post from Bill's BIG mlm Blog. I hope you enjoy it!

How many times have we heard the stories of the broke lottery winner? Someone wins a huge lottery jackpot worth millions of dollars, and within a couple years they are filing bankruptcy. How in the world could someone squander that sort of money?

Broke lottery winners are that way because they did not have the right mindset. Normally it is one of two mindsets that are so ingrained into the person's subconscious mind that they have no idea how to be wealthy.

Some people are so completely entrenched in the employee mentality they have no belief in their own abilities. They have never even considered what to do with a large sum of money because they never believed it to be attainable. All they have ever known is squeaking by on a meager wage. Such a windfall is so foreign to these people that they simply cannot handle it. I have even heard stories about people who donated all or most of their wining to charity, not to be generous, but because they could not handle the stress.

The other flawed mindset of the broke lottery winner is a belief that they do not deserve the winnings. These people have such a low self worth that they place a higher value on the money than themselves. Or, sometimes people will reject such large sums of money for religious reasons.

Why does any of this matter to YOU? Wen you talk to prospects, you are likely to find people with these types of mindsets. When you do, it will be decision time. Do you feel that there is enough of a spark to work with, or will this person never see the big picture? Never prejudge, but be cautious. Spend some time assessing the person's mindset. If after some work, they still do not seem to get it, it may be time to focus your attentions elsewhere.

I do not advocate giving up on anyone. You never know when that "AH HA" moment may come for them, and they will need your guidance when it does. Besides, if you are building relationships as you should, why would you want to throw that away. Some may never "get it", and that's okay too.

How is your mindset? What about the people in your organization? If you want to be able to clear all the negativity from your mind, and learn how to deflect the negative puke that is thrown on us all daily, message me and I'll get you started on the road to a more Positive YOU.

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