posted on: 6/1/2011 10:57:50 PM EST
Facebook as a Business Tool to Acquire and Engage Customers
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You have a Business Website - but no traffic?

You have tried Google Adwords, SEO, Banner Ads, etc - but still no measurable traffic?

Well, things are about to change for business owners and just about anyone - with what is becoming a Social Media Revolution - via Facebook.

Everywhere you look, businesses are getting Facebook pages...but, without any html knowledge, etc, these businesses are stuck in much limbo with a stale and generic Facebook Fan Page.

Imagine having a Facebook application that can automatically capture leads, instantly notify you of that lead, and offer you the chance to Immediately and directly communicate with that lead...

Here's more - how about having custom news feed thank you message for your visitors letting them know all about you and your business - automatically posted on your visitor's wall...

This is by far the best Viral Facebook app that is sure to take a lot of businesses to another level.

So, don't worry about Pay per clicks and wasting your money on ads that people might click - that you most likely will never capture their information from anyway.

Also, want to see how this works for a realtor:

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Adrian Frank   1069 day(s) ago
GREAT Press Release about Facebook as a tool to engage customers, Barry, fellow Pure Leverage-er! GO PURE LEVERAGE!!! Thanks for sharing, so back to da top with ya! God bless! :D

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