posted on: 8/23/2011 8:43:24 PM EST
Are you still using a Personal Facebook Profile for Business?
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More and more people are starting to understand the "business" side of Facebook and the spectacular ways and results you can get with proper Facebook marketing strategies.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of business owners are doing is jumping right into Facebook - but are simply using the same "Personal Profile" pages that everyone over 13 years of age is using.

Let me state that a personal Facebook profile is just that - a personal profile to be used for those everyday things you want family and friends to know about.

However, people looking for your brand, services or products are not concerned the list bit about what you had for dinner or how your kids are doing in school this year!

Another point, your family and friends that you know on a truly personal basis are not going to like the constant flow of posts regarding your business and those great offers you are promoting on Facebook or your website.

Therefore, get a business page created on your personal account and separate your business from your pleasure.

If you need more information about setting up customized Facebook Fan Pages, or optimizing your account for business and marketing, check us out at or call us at 832-303-4722

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