posted on: 2/22/2012 4:24:25 PM EST
Your REAL MLM Goal - Your Purpose in MLM is to Make Money
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Let's be brutally honest.

Your purpose in MLM is to make money. Your purpose is NOT:

• to save the world
• to sell the best product on the planet
• to bring peace and love to all of mankind

These thoughts only get in the way of your real goal. For your MLM business to survive, you must make a profit. To make a profit, you must have a steady stream of targeted leads. The bottom line for your network marketing success is, THAT matters more than anything else.

If you can generate strong, targeted MLM leads for you and your team, you have a real chance at success. If not, you have no shot.

If you are serious about learning the secret to making a great extra paycheck from home or taking your business to the next level. I'd love to help you and your team to get the results.

Thank you in advance for sharing my blog post.

To Your Abundant Success,

Berdel Warrior
Network Marketing Coach
Live As If This Is All There Is “NOW”

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Patricia Anderson   1448 day(s) ago
Great post, your three points are strong points.
Ann Moses    1450 day(s) ago
Hi Berdel, I like the three points that you made. The are very strong points to know about this industry. Thanks for sharing. I'm a Vita Woman "Menopause"
BERDEL WARRIOR   1452 day(s) ago
Joel thank you for your comment and insight.
joel pastor   1452 day(s) ago
good point! I always here people tell me that those are their goals but in actuality its to make money.

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