posted on: 4/23/2012 8:14:17 PM EST
Network Marketing - Footsteps of a Proven Leader
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The answer is less than one ...

By walking the path and footsteps of a proven leader with a track record of success and utilizing the power of System, our team has been duplicating success since day one.

Today, we are walking the path of success and mentoring others to walk the same path and truly love helping our team members achieve the success they deserve.

Think back on the last three programs you joined. How dependable were those who were in leadership? Were they there for you? Would they have been willing to help you even if you were not making them a dime? Think hard.

Time's up. I can almost bet what your number was. For most people it is usually less than one. Why is that? What is it about leaders in this industry who only want to help you when they know they will benefit first?

In our network marketing business it not merely our own efforts that helped us arrive at our goals. In MLM the power of the entire team and all our dedicated business builders helped us get here. We learned that when we focus our energy on our team; helping others become successful and profitable, our efforts naturally become easier. One of the things that inspires us most is when we see our team members become successful.

Are you ready to plug into trainings where the leadership is dependable regardless of how it will benefit them? If this sounds like the type of group you want to be part of, then give me a call.

To Your Abundant Success,

Berdel Warrior
Network Marketing Coach
Live As If This Is All There Is “NOW”

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E L Bennett   1391 day(s) ago
Thanks for the lead. Now its up to me to follow. Thinking hard.
john heyward   1391 day(s) ago
Right On! Excellent train of thought.
Ann Moses    1391 day(s) ago
Having a mentor who cares about you and who wants you to succeed will make all the difference in your success. Thanks for sharing.
Lyle Crews   1391 day(s) ago
Great thoughts, thanks for sharing!
Larry Christenson   1391 day(s) ago
like your blog Berdel, Some of us need the personal mentorship and some have years of the school of hard knocks to rely on to "not duplicate". When all said and done, by not duplicating mistakes, teaches one to duplicate the right things to do. good post

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