posted on: 2/25/2012 11:04:06 AM EST
How To Make Money Selling Food
Make Money Selling Food

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Selling food isn't really about selling at all, it's more about sharing. If you have good food people will line in in droves to get it from you.

Good food, Good People, and Good Times go hand in hand... This is why I joined RD just about 2 years ago. This company has been around producing food for the worlds finest restaurants for over 35 years. They now have a direct sales arm to the company and that's where you come in. You can actually make money selling food by joining as an Independent Business Partner.

Here's how it works, it's really simple, once you come onboard you get your own beautifully constructed website which includes mouthwatering pictures of all of the food available. We're talking things like, Roasted Turkey Breast, Elite Angus Steaks, Juicy Tender Chicken, and this is the same stuff that some of the top restaurants use too, this is not the same quality food you can get at the grocery store!

If this interests you here's what needs to happen next. Above or Below this message is a link. Click it and fill out the form with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and the BEST PHONE NUMBER to call you at. Someone from my team will personally call you back within 24 hours and we will direct you to a site where you can watch a 20 minute video that shows you exactly how this works, what you need to do, and how much money you can make!

There's no obligations or commitments, we simply want to help you make an informed decision. If you decide to join our team to make money selling food, you will get placed into our Facebook Mastermind group where all of the top leaders in the company go to share ideas and tactics for building their business. There is a great culture behind this company and it really feels like you are part of the family when you are working with us. I look forward to talking with you soon!

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Elena Barbu   1026 day(s) ago
Thanks for the info! I will share this on twitter.Have a good one Vincent
Deborah (Debi) Becker RN   1026 day(s) ago
Thank you for sharing with us, Vincent. Have a wonderful day.

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