posted on: 2/23/2012 5:45:06 PM EST
Artists who need more time and money to create their visions
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For years I thought how great it would be to be the breadwinner in the family through creating my artwork. After years of this happening, my heart just longs for not having to have the stress of constantly creating artwork that might sell in the galleries. That never knowing for sure if you will be able to pay the bills each month is a big weight on ones shoulders. I have been blessed with being able to create prosperity for both my husband and myself. What we do as artists ads so much beauty and much more to the world. It is important for us to follow our hearts and keep creating what wants to come forth from our inner being.

I have been doing something that is giving me so much hope. It is something that in about 2 months will totally remove any worry about any art selling or not. My goal is to do the art for me and if it sells great, if not great. Every day I wake up and open up my ZeekRewards page to see how my money has grown and smile. It sets my day in JOY! I only spend about 5 min. a day doing Zeekrewards and receive huge profit sharing from the company.

If you did not have to ever worry again about how to pay the bills, what would you be doing? Would you be using your talents to develop your gifts to give in the world? Would you be able to help others find their path to their creativity? I would love to know what you would be doing if you never ever had to worry about how to pay the bills, how to be able to purchase as much art supplies as you ever wanted, how to have the studio space you need to experiment with your art etc. etc.

I would really love to have you take a look at this for it could free you up to be able to totally dive into what you have to give to the world. Just a thought. If this peaks your mind, please just take a few minutes to listen to this info and then if you want to find out more I can do a 3 way with my friend Faith who has been doing zeekrewards for about 5 months now and changed her life totally around. Her husband who is a photographer can now immerse himself in his creative passions. It seems too good to be true, but it is true and helping so many people get back on their feet living life in so much more joy every day.

Anyway, I see this as a blessing for so many people espeically other artists and creative people who need more time and money to persue their passions.

Please take a look

Let me know if you want to know more.

This is an invitation only site and we prequalify everyone by them looking at the video above and listen to the sizzle call below:
Remember once you call and put in the pin a voice will say please enter your
reference number, ignore this and in a moment our interview will come

530-881-1099 pin 723581#

Call me 360-598-4540 or email me after you have reviewed the 8 minute video overview then we can do a call to field questions and share our stories at a specific time we arranged. Remember you need to be qualified first.

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2/23/2012  Artists who need more time and money to create their visions