posted on: 2/24/2012 11:49:28 AM EST
Zeek Rewards just opened up the ability for people to own their own store
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I am amazed at a company that keeps finding ways for their affiliates to earn income. Zeekler just gave us the ability to help others who just want to have their own online store. This is another advantage for me. I am so very grateful for ZeekRewards for as an artist it is providing me the ability to have time in the studio to create from my heart and not have to worry about a piece of artwork selling in the galleries.

ZeekRewards is an almost 15year company that has just opened up Profit Sharing to affiliates of their program. I have been in many MLMs, but this is so different. I have more time to myself, do not have to babysit other people and 5 min. a day to do an ad to reap huge profits is a blessing to me.

I only wish that other artists could feel this kind of success and have more time and money to purchase their art supplies, have a great place to create their art and have income to be able to market themselves easily and effortlessly.

Very cool. Catherine

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2/24/2012  Zeek Rewards just opened up the ability for people to own their o
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