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Welcome To Your Home Business
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Welcome to the home business opportunity world! If you've found yourself here, you're one of many that have become disheartened by our corporate structure, are tired of trading time for dollars or, you're simply looking for a better way.

Home businesses have been the backbone of true financial independence for years. There is a wide variety of options when looking to start your business yet let's look at a few of the most common.

Franchising is popular with those that have come from a corporate background. They can take the business skills they have acquired and now put them to use in building their own financial future. While there are many positives to this choice, franchising in general, is costly in start up costs and carries rigid corporate regulations the owner must abide by.

The next option and one that I've personally chosen is Network Marketing. To most people, better known as MLM. While network marketing carries a HUGE stigma to many, it is a tried and proven method of business. It also produces more success stories than most other business opportunities.

With all the negative press, the obvious question would be, how is that possible? To best answer the question one must first understand the process. Let's begin by dismissing the "it's a pyramid scheme" thought process. Every business, including corporate entities, is based on a tiered structure. At the top you have a President, CEO or other officer. The structure then develops as illustrated below:

CEO-President-Vice President(s)-Middle Management-Staff Employee's(YOU)
Each level of the corporate structure earns less money--This is called the Chain Of Command. The fundamental principal behind the corporate structure is this: The people at the top make the majority of the money.

As you can see, there is no difference in the corporate model of leadership and the network marketing model. The companies top tier management are paid on the production of the people below them in the company. Most people accept this structure of payment known as production bonuses, holiday bonuses, quota bonuses, profit sharing etc. And, of course, the higher position you hold in the corporate structure, the larger your bonuses and share of the profits will be! I know this concept is difficult for many to grasp. However, I fault no one as so many are conditioned to believe network marketing is a scam, a rip off and purely benefits only those at the top.

Now, let's look at the potential one has when operating a network marketing business. While many network marketing opportunities will require an initial investment, in general it will be thousands less than you would invest in a national franchise. While there are opportunities available that require little to no investment, this does not guarantee a successful venture. FREE does not always mean VALUE! With any venture you're considering I encourage you to research and investigate the company, the products and the people involved. If you have the opportunity to speak with distributors and customers, take advantage and listen to what the have to say. This can help you make an informed decision and can save you time and money in the long run.

Income potential with your new company can be as large or small as you choose to make it. As a legit network marketing company MUST provide a REAL product or service in exchange for payment, you can choose where you want to focus your attention. Your focus can be on sharing the product and creating new customers, you can focus on building your distributor network or you can choose both. Your income will grow based on where you choose to focus however keep in mind, most companies have a compensation plan maximized by sales and growth of your distributor network.

Network marketing in itself is a very simple process. It's the sale and distribution of a product or service via an authorized network of approved distributors, much like a traditional "sales" team found in any corporate structure. I personally spent many years in the corporate sales environment. My daily activities were much the same as they are now with my network marketing business. Daily promotion of my products and services, sharing my information with potential clients or business partners and having an income based on results of my efforts. The question here may be, "if it's much the same why choose network marketing?" The answer is simple...Control of my future!

Network marketing allows me to benefit not only from my personal efforts, but the efforts of my distributor network. This is called Leverage Marketing, it's the ability to grow your income and sales team. Similar to the corporate structure, the larger your distributor network, the greater potential for sales, equals your larger income potential. While working in the corporate sales world, I was only able to grow my income through my direct efforts. Not to say this is a negative, however when was the last time you increased your income by getting a share of your co-workers efforts? This is exactly what network marketing allows you to do. By bringing other LIKE MINDED PEOPLE in to your network, you will gain a % of their growth and, the growth of their networks! You're now leveraging the power of duplication.

It's really that simple folks. Find an opportunity that's a good fit for you. Do your due diligence on the opportunity, products, compensation plan, financial investment and people in the company. Once you've chosen your new business, be ALL IN! Make the commitment to yourself and your business. Network with LIKE MINDED PEOPLE, seek out groups and memberships that help you grow and plug in to a system that nurtures your success!

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Tony Calomese   1445 day(s) ago
Nice blog. Keep up the good work and much success to you.
Carol Brotherson   1445 day(s) ago
Hi Cheryl, great first blog, welcome to the IBO Family!

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