posted on: 5/4/2011 10:32:43 AM EST
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For those of you that have been following my blog posts on Posterous and are now following my posts on IBO Toolbox, I have explained some of the basics for this site in a Posterous post that I just finished a few minutes ago. I've just discovered that adding a link in the designated field when creating a blog here at IBO Toolbox doesn't work so I will post it below.

Posterous Post:

The more I move around this site, the more I like it! I really feel that this site will be a great benefit to everyone I know that is advertising and marketing on the internet.

Since I love using Widgets as some of you already know, I put on in the blog post at Posterous and it was very, very easy to do. You just copy the widget that suits your purpose and paste the code where you want it using the HTML view or Source View, depending on the name used on the toolbar.

Off to watch another training video. I hope you decide to join me because there is a training session later today at 7pm EST for IBOTOOLBOX LIVE POWER HOUR (Q&A). It's a great Interactive webinar!

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