posted on: 2/9/2012 7:17:52 PM EST
Move over Netflix
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Introducing FlixsNow - The first ever consumer Entertainment Company that helps you earn income while you enjoy Movies.

FlixsNow - Offers a wide variety of movies that you can rent online for a Flat Rate of Just $2.08 per month( $25 per year). The movies are shipped directly to you. You have the ability to select movies in advance for your viewing. When a move is returned, we will ship you a movie that is in your queue automatically. You can prioritize your selections at will.

FlixsNow -Offers -all the new releases available before any major competitor. You can suggest a movie and we will gladly obtain it for you to rent. All movies are able to be previewed via trailers before they are selected.

The Magic Jack of the Video Industry..

Earn money for referring others to FlixsNow

Replicated Web site

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No cost to join

Use referral id 8699

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