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Network Marketing, MLM, affiliate marketing ... whatever name it goes by this year ... has been around for more than 50 years. Logic tells us that with more than 5 decades of longevity, there must be something to it. We know this to be true because we have been quite successful in our time in the industry.
The question is, "Is it time for a change?" Do the same methods and techniques work today? Are there proven strategies to enable ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results in this industry?

This system produces results »

You know the "old school" strategies we're talking about:

Make a list of your 100 closest friends and family!
Practice "The 3-Foot Rule" wherever you go!
Give away samples and brochures to anything that moves!
Invite friends and acquaintances to your house for a "get together."
Pick up the local phone book and start cold calling.
Put ads in the paper and meet people at local hotels.
Chase after anybody who can "fog a mirror."
Purchase opportunity seeker leads and import them into an Autoresponder.
If any of the above sounds familiar to you, you should check out this amazing FREE site.

While the Internet has changed the very foundation of how most business is done, has Network Marketing changed with it? Ask yourself the following question …

Would you and your team be more successful…

a) Calling leads to see if they are interested in a home business? Then trying to convince them why they should join and attempting to “close the deal”?

or ...

b) Calling new members who have already joined your business and welcoming them to your team? How about interviewing them to locate the serious & committed leaders, and then working with a team of hard-working, self-motivated members?

More info about interviewing here »

For most people we talk to, the answer is obvious. It’s much more duplicable for your team to call members who have already joined then to try to “sell” prospects into their business. With a system that generates automatic enrollments, you're 80% of the way through the Success Formula.

Not every company or product will generate automatic enrollments. Let's take a quick look at the characteristics of a company/product/service that makes for a good automatic enrollment tool:

Product/service has mass appeal.

Business is free or low cost to start.

compensation plan is easy to understand.

Product/service requires minimal education to understand.

Check out the auto enrollment tools at the top of this page »

Why are automatic enrollments such great tools for building a home-based business, even high end direct sales companies? The reasons are numerous:

Create a trusting working relationship before presenting a high-end product or service. People are more likely to trust you once they know you.

Offer more options for people who cannot afford to start with a high-end program.

Generate more revenue from the same existing database or list.

Providing your prospects with choices and letting them choose what appeals to them is a more natural or "organic" way of doing business.

Once you experience personal success in generating automatic enrollments, the key to success is duplicating your results throughout your team. It’s great if you can generate a lot of enrollments for yourself. The more enrollments you create, the more likely you are to locate serious and committed leaders for your team.

However, your leaders MUST be able to duplicate your results if you are ever to create long lasting residual wealth. Here are your options:

Spend thousands of hours of trial and error and thousands of dollars creating a simple and professional system that anyone can duplicate.

Plug into a proven system that is already generating automatic enrollments for thousands of people.

We have seen this system produce results »

Of course, you are the only one who can decide what's best for you and your team. We suggest you set aside some time, review your options and complete your due diligence. Whatever decision you make, you want to be sure you've done the research and not just taken someone else's word for it.

To your success,http://

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Jesse Smith   1400 day(s) ago
Great Blog Charles. Thanks for the points of emphasis. Much success.
charles lee   1400 day(s) ago
Thank's friends.
Anne Long   1400 day(s) ago
really good information. Thanks for all your good points. Continued success to you.
ed Diop   1400 day(s) ago
Great blog Charles! Great detail information! I think duplication is key in any system! Thanks for sharing and continued success!

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