This Business Works, Because the Tea Works; Therefore the
 Business Works:

Market: Share our exclusive, 100% organic IASO TEA.

Benefits: Thousands of people have experienced health benefits by using our Iaso Tea.

Money: Earn generous 50% retail profits paid weekly every time a customer makes an order.

Money: Earn 50% Fast Start Bonuses paid weekly when you introduce a new business owner.
Start Up: Start your new business for as little as $39.95 + S&H.
Company: Partner with a global 14 year old US company.
Enrollment: includes a month's supply of product, a free company website, a free marketing system

Guarantee:  Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 
Advertising: Team Co-Op Advertising

Websites: Custom websites (free) -  that are unique to our team. 

The Facts: The Health and Wellness Market is a Billion Dollar Industry and millions of people are looking to lose weight.

Growth: Our company is growing at such an alarming rate that we recently had to bring two additional manufacturers on board to help service the demand for our IASO TEA..

Unlimited Potential: You can build your business online or offline OR both. You can build your business locally OR globally or both.

Prayer: Daily  corporate prayer for the success of all on our team  -   unique to our team.

Meditation: To learn more about meditation and Network Marketing Success - CLICK HERE

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For More Info Contact Chris Matthews @ 843.580.6477

  info current as of: 7/6/2015
Chris Matthews 
Contrats Velma for being FMOTD.
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Chris Matthews 
Congrats Velma for being FMOD.
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Velma Joseph  
Thanks Chris ~ for your sincere wishes and great IBO spirit ~ blessings and much prosperity in all your endeavors! Grateful and Victorious Velma
posted: 112 day(s) ago

Chris Matthews 
TWO PARTS OF WEALTH Fundamental law for experiencing wealth and riches!  click here
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Chris Matthews 
DISCIPLE of Christ and WEALTH - Difference between a believer of Christ and a Disciple of Christ.  click here
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Chris Matthews 
Inner wealth is the FOUNDATION for Outer wealth (3 John 2)  click here
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  info current as of: 7/6/2015
  info current as of: 7/6/2015

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