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Advertising & Branding Video Platform!

"Market Everything Under One Roof"


I am minister of the gospel of Christ, and I  love what I do. I enjoy working with all types of people, and helping them develop a successful home-based business.


Pastors, Ministers, Authors, Professionals, Stay at Home Dads & Moms, Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, Retirees, Military, Small Business owners, Teachers and Coaches. I will help you create a competitive edge!


If you would like to work online, I highly suggest you first Click Here - Watch the short movie - Register for a Free Staged Account. When you do, I will be notified and begin helping YOU start earning "Residual Income" (like I do!)


GET YOUR Free Staged Account  


Choose Your Plan With STAGED!

An Extremely Powerful and Generous Pay Plan coupled
with an Incredible Retention Rate.

The reality is that when your personally referred members are doing something as quick, easy and simple as sharing videos via Staged to generate "dirt cheap" real time leads... new Member sign-ups and endless Traffic... they just DO NOT QUIT!

These are the sort of loyal people you want in YOUR business, right?

Click here to see our complete Pay Plan details!

Now as good as this sounds so far, you need to be fully aware of what your Free Account WILL and WILL NOT do for you.

If you just want to 'kick the tires' then use your Free Membership to see how quickly and easily you can make Stages, and blast them out to all your Social Media. Your Stages will however feature the ads of the person who referred you to Staged.

Now if you are like most people and want to put our system to work to feature your own ads and generate you traffic, leads and sales then you will want to choose either the Basic or Premium Membership.

You can see a full side by side comparison of our Membership Levels below.

Access To Staged Platform
Quick Start Guide
Stage Limits (per month) 200 200 1000
Frame Limits (per month) 200 200 1000
One click 'Stage it' Button
Dashboard with Full Stats
One click 'Frame it' Button
Auto-Posting to Social Media
Traffic Monetization  
Twitter Account Builder
No. of Twitter Accounts 1 5 25
Twitter Follow Limit (daily) 50 100 Unlimited*
Twitter Unfollow Limit (daily) 50 100 Unlimited*
Professional Capture Pages  
Add own Lead Capture Forms  
Professionally Written Email Series  
Team Tracker  
Contact Manager  
Direct Message Downline members  
Built-in Autoresponder  
Download your Leads  
Fully-featured Banner Maker  
Place Ads On Free Member Stages  
Allow Facebook Comments  
Upload Custom Themes  
Unlimited Customer Support  
Marketing Resources  
Training Videos  
Access to Staged Basic Pay Plan  
StageBot 1000 included    
$50 Premium Member Bonus    
$50 Premium Pass Up Bonus    
Keep All Basic Members    
20% Matching Bonus    
$30 Leadership Roll-Up Bonus    
Earn StageBot Commissions    
$25 Discount    
    $24.95/mth $99.95/mth

The Basic Membership works out to be less than $1 a day and the Premium Membership is just a little over $3 a day.

We find that most of our members opt to join at the Premium level because we automatically make 1,000 Stages per month (featuring your banners and ads) and post them all to your Social Media accounts for you.

In other words we do all the work and you get all the traffic.

So there you have it...

  • If you want to use the Staged platform to generate traffic, leads and sales and do it all manually (still with a few clicks of a mouse mind you) then you will want to join as a Basic Member.
  • If you value your time, and want to make 5x the commissions then the Premium Membership is for you.

No thanks! Just let me get started as a Free Member.

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  info current as of: 10/25/2014
  info current as of: 10/25/2014

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