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SMART MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES New Internet Browser 5x Faster
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Hello Friends,

“WOW” is a word you get used to when speaking to SMT members. It is like we receive new gifts on a weekly basis!
Exciting things are happening so fast now that I wanted to share some of them with you.

Great New Video(s)on Opport/unity Page

These videos show how SMT has taken the powerful f-r/e.e marketing system used by billion dollar companies like Yahoo, Google and Facebook and created the most powerful f-r/e.e marketing system available today. David Martin has moved faster than a speeding bullet and has already put the combined videos on the Opportunity & Webinar Pages on your main SMT

Pay per Click & Pay per Impression Incomes – Get PAID when OTHERS use the Internet!
David is planning to have a company-wide beta testing starting this coming week, where all members will be able to see the system working. WOW… are you ready?!

A few other major Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression net/works are currently being integrated into our system so that you are not simply relying on ads from our own Smart Media Technologies ad network but from thousands of quality advertisers all over the Internet, including some of the largest and most respected Fortune 5000 companies in the Industry.
New Update for the SMD and Smart Media Browser

A new version of the Smart Media Desktop has just been released, that added better support for downloading files through the Smart Media Desktop and fixed compatibility issues with a few computers (about 0.8% of members) having those challenges.

David and the programmers have a goal to make the Smart Media Browser the easiest to use and most powerful Web Browser in the World.
When you access your webmail through the SMBrowser, you can now click on the links and they will open.

This new version automatically detects if the person downloading does not have Flash installed. Then it automatically downloads and starts installing the best version of Flash. Additionally, the download size has decreased from about 13MBs to about 4MBs. We are making the initial download size smaller and smaller and then the system will automatically download components as needed once installed.

This is just the very beginning of an incredible journey!
We are already attracting major players to our company and this is only the beginning. Direct sales Companies are now looking at joining us to use our f-r/e.e marketing system to advertise their products.

We already have one company on board with more set to join. Major leaders are starting to take notice and the smartest thing you can do now is share this awesome opport/unity with EVERYONE you know. Many members are already upset because their contacts joined with someone else. Make sure you tell your contacts about SMT BEFORE they tell you!

Remember, watch the new video under the opportunity

Royce Rodgers

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