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How much is your peace of mind worth?

The Problem:

The Solution:

~EMMUTEC~Hear From Troy McCawley,
One of the 2 partner Owners of
Emmutec on the technical side of things.

Click the link to Listen....

Or dial in 712-432-0211 & enter 982559#
and the reference # is 8#

Protects your PC from viruses when others can't - Ever wonder why you have antivirus software and still get infected with a virus? With the combination of white listing, black listing and denying the unknown, Emmunize always knows what is trying to run on your computer resulting in the best protection on the market today. An independent lab test proves it.

Speeds up your PC - Other antivirus software slows down your PC because they have so much running in the background taking up your PC's resources. With Emmunize's approach, it doesn't need as many resources, which speeds up your PC!

Automatic updating software that works around the clock - Do you ever wonder if your Antivirus is up to date? With Emmunize and cloud computing, Emmunize automatically updates 24/7 giving you the comfort that you have the most recent updates all the time.

White Listing - Unlike outdated methods being used by most popular antivirus products, Emmunize uses a new white listing method which is able to stop the 10,000+ new viruses created every day. Some other products claim to have white listing, but not when it matters most, when your PC comes in contact with a potential virus.

No long term commitment - We are so confident in our product that Emmunize is sold as a monthly subscription. You aren't locked into a year-long commitment if you aren't satisfied with the product.

The Pay Plan is simple;
One Time Entrance cost $59
Monthly is $12
3 ways to get paid
It is a 3x9 matrix

Fast Start
Personally Sponsor

Bonuses $10 and a $10 Founders Club Bonus TOTAL $20

Your Sponsor receives a $10 Matching founders club
Bonus for working with you and your Prospects

No sponsorship requirements to open pay plan to level 7
You can make up to $1600

To open up levels 8 and 9 you will have to personally sponsor 3 members
Not only does it open matrix to the max, you also will receive 20% matching bonus on your personals

Sponsor 6 and you open another level of matching bonus; you will receive 10% on your personals- personals

Sponsor 9 and you open another level of matching bonus; you will receive 10% on your personals- personals- personal

Royce Rodgers
Skype: rodg411

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