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Are You Being Hacked YES!!! Do Something about it!!!!!
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In an independent lab test conducted by Malware Research Group Effitas, Emmunize was found to stop 100% of viruses that were

created that same day. Why spend money on traditional antivirus software that only works part of the time when you can buy

Emmunize and be protected all of the time?
Why risk your personal security? -- Get Emmunized today!

Join for FR.EE NOW get your spot reserved.

Its Incredible! Even Better then I thought!

Or dial in 712-432-0211 & enter 982559# and the reference # is 8#

~EMMUTEC~Hear From Troy McCawley, One of the 2 partner Owners of
Emmutec on the technical side of things. Forward to your TEAM! Great

Emmunize proactive PC protection provides you with complete protection from viruses and all other malicious software. Many

security products rely on lists of known "bad" software, this approach will never secure your PC effectively as all viruses begin as

unknown files. Emmunize does not rely on outdated methods of protecting your computer such as definitions, signatures or

behavioral detection.

This new and refreshing approach blocks malicious software before an infection occurs providing you with peace of mind and

confidence when browsing the Internet. Emmunize is one of the first if not only products to combine application white listing with a

cloud antivirus engine. Unlike many antivirus solutions, Emmunize is light on PC resources even while scanning for threats. Say no to

spyware, trojans, viruses, and all other types of malware forever.

Best of all the company will pay us to help others to protect themselves.

Yes, you can protect your information, help others and create a generous residual income for yourself!

This is a true...WIN-WIN!

How much is your peace of mind worth?

The Problem:
The Anti-Virus Protections Do Not Work You Did you know the companies
we trust to protect us, only react when a virus happens..

The Solution:
Emmunize is proactive you will never receive an update after the fact, cause it will not happen.

I expect this to grow very fast and very big, as it benefits every computer user in the world.

The Pay Plan is simple: 4 ways to make money.

• Entrance cost $59
• Monthly is $12 (which protects up to 3 computers or tablets)
• It is a 3x9 matrix forced matrix
• Retail component with a residual attached
• Fast Start bonus $20…2nd tier is $10
• No sponsorship requirements to open pay to level 7
• To open up levels 8 and 9 you only have to personally sponsor 3 members
• Not only does it open the matrix to the max, you also will receive a 20% matching bonus on all your personals
• Sponsor 6 and you open another level of matching bonuses; you will receive 10% on your personal's personals
• Sponsor 9 and you open another level of matching bonuses; you will receive 10% on your personal's personal's personals.
• We will be able to sell this product to those who do not want to come into the business for $8.99 per month. This covers 3

computers and your
commission is $2 per month for each customer
• They can also pay $6.99 for one computer and you will be paid $1.25 per month. Line up the non profits!!

skype rodg411

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