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"my Browser pays me - Does yours??"
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The Smart Media Browser Is:

¦Up to 5 Times faster than any other Web Browser in the World
¦Safer and more secure than any of the Top 5 Web Browsers
¦New Visual Bookmarks – A Revolutionary advancement in bookmarks technology
And YOU get paid to give it away!

Imagine this…, YOU get paid…

¦When OTHERS use your branded Smart Media Browser
¦When others “Click” YOU GET PAID!
¦Even when they just “Look”… YOU GET PAID!
Your new Smart Media Browser will come complete with all these free gifts below for your free members to use.

¦Free Software to download
¦Free Videos & Films to watch online
¦Free Music to listen to online
¦Free Video Games to play online
¦Free Super Bargain Online SHOPPING PORTAL to find the BEST PRICES Worldwide
¦Free access to some of the best Online Education
¦Use of some of the best instructional videos for the top 30 Computing & Internet Topics like Facebook, Twitter, Windows 7, Vista, Microsoft Office , WordPress, Ebay
¦ALSO … your FREE members can WIN free, valuable prizes for sharing your Branded Web Browser with their friends using our inbuilt “Tell-a-Friend” System
SO…. What’s really in it for me? ……

¦You get the prestige of owning YOUR very own Web Browser. How many people do you KNOW who owns their own Browser
¦You get to BRAND your very own BROWSER with YOUR Business & Details
¦You get a Browser that is up to 5X FASTER than any other browser in the world
¦You get a Safer & more Secure Browser than ANY of the other Browsers, even the TOP five (5)
¦You get to GIVE YOUR Browser away to EVERYONE you know…(&/or don’t know)
¦You get paid to give your Browser away
¦As you give your browser away, you will get Viral Advertising for your site…
¦You give your visitors LOTS of FREE gifts to Stay & Surf using YOUR BROWSER.
¦Your Browser will have a SOCIAL NETWORK Hub, so visitors can stay on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter 24/7 They NEVER need to leave your Browser to do all they love on the Internet
¦And all the time they are surfing YOUR Browser, they will see YOUR Business & your Branding
¦Your New Smart Media Browser comes FULLY MONETIZED…which means YOU GET PAID
¦As people surf on YOUR branded Smart Media Browser..YOU GET PAID

This is the simplest online opportunity available and everyone you know will hear about the Smart Media Browser. TWO Billion people are Online Every Day and when they hear about the Free Smart Media Browser they will want it.

The question is… When they get it will YOU be the one getting paid?

Get Your Smart Media Browser Today and Tell your friends BEFORE they tell you!

Are you ready to learn more and experience the Smart Media Browser for yourself?

Click On The Download Button Below To Get Your FREE Smart Media Browser…

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