We all know that chocolate is delicious, but did you know it’s also super healthy? Chocolate as we know it today in all its glorious forms are derived from beans from the Theobroma cacao plant. Theobroma cacao is a Latin name that translates to “Food of the Gods” — a name that is fitting for this multifunctional plant.

At ORGANO™, we believe in the powerful benefits for cocoa so much we have integrated it into multiple products — including ORGANO™ Hot Cocoa and ORGANO™ Cafe Mocha. It enhances the flavor profile and the health profile of our products.

Why you need to eat more cocoa

AntioxidantsResearch has shown that cocoa has high amount of antioxidants — even more than red wine or green tea. Those antioxidants aid the body by neutralizing cell-damaging free radicals. Eating cocoa-rich, chocolate foods and drinks are a delicious way to boost your antioxidants levels and immune system.

Blood sugarStudies have shown that certain elements found in cocoa aid the body in glucose metabolism. This is great news for diabetics or people with a high risk of diabetes. Eating chocolate (as long as it contains real cocoa and isn’t too sugar packed) may just be a key component in a diet that supports blood sugar regulation.

Circulation. Cocoa has certain elements that help improve blood circulation in the body. Increasing circulation has a multitude of benefits for the body — blood is literally the lifeline — and certain studies are suggesting that eating cocoa could benefit brain function too.

Mood. Ever bitten into a delicious piece of chocolate or sipped a hot cup of cocoa and felt instantly better? It’s science. Studies suggest that cocoa has mood lifting effects.

How to get more cocoa in your diet

Now that you know how beneficial cocoa is for your body, how can you work more into your diet? This part is easy enough, but there are some pitfalls to watch out for.

Make sure anything chocolate actually contains real cocoa. Milk chocolate has only minimal amounts of real cocoa — and will mostly just add sugar to your diet. Aim for chocolate that is labeled “dark” or displays its cocoa levels on the label.

With ORGANO™, it’s easy to get more cocoa in your diet. Our ORGANO™ Hot Cocoa and ORGANO™ Cafe Mocha come in convenient sachets. Carry them with you and just add water anytime you want a chocolatey drink! Both can be enjoyed warm for a comforting beverage — or over ice for a refreshing chilled experience.